One Piece: Grand Battle RUSH!

Also known as: One Piece: Grand Battle (US/EU)Developer: GanbarionPublisher: BandaiPlatform: PlayStation 2Released in JP: March 17, 2005Released in US: September 7, 2005Released in EU: October 7, 2005

This trò chơi has unused areas.

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This game has debugging material.

One Piece: Grand Battle RUSH! is the fourth & final entry in the One Piece: Grand Battle fighting game series, including characters & stages up khổng lồ the kết thúc of the Long Ring Long Land arc of the anime/manga.

For whatever reason, 4Kids Entertainment decided it would be a good idea lớn localize this game, despite being literally years behind where the series was in japan (4Kids hadn"t even completed the Drum Island arc at this point), resulting in the English version being retitled to One Piece: Grand Battle (not khổng lồ be confused with the PS1 game) and having most of its nội dung chopped out or altered to avoid spoiling English viewers of the anime. The ramifications of this decision would eventually lead khổng lồ the death of the franchise"s clip game releases overseas for years to lớn come.

Debug Display


Apply the below code to display memory information. This shows CPU & GFX usage.

USA code:2042D698 000000??Replace "??" with one of the below values:14 = Debug display 101 = Debug display 2

To do:Make a better code that doesn"t cause TLB misses.
Enter Training Mode with one of the codes on to appear in one of the maps in the below sections.



USA code:203FE644 62642F65203FE648 305F3067203FE64C 6361702E



USA code:203FE644 62642F65203FE648 305F3167203FE64C 6361702E



USA code:203FE644 62642F65203FE648 305F3267203FE64C 6361702E



USA code:203FE644 62642F65203FE648 305F3367203FE64C 6361702E



This map contains a few exclusive textures, namely the snowman & the company logo embedded on the walls.

USA code:203FE644 62642F65203FE648 305F3467203FE64C 6361702E


This is just a blank map with no textures, or skybox.

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Regional Differences

To do:There are a lot of these, needless lớn say... Should a subpage be made for just how extensive the localization process was?

As noted above, the overseas release took a hatchet lớn this game:

Three characters (Enel, Foxy, & Aokiji) & two stages (Maxim and Sexy Foxy) were cut completely.The unlock conditions for Mr. 0 Crocodile & Mr. 2 Bon Clay were changed to be locked behind passwords instead of being starting characters. The password feature is completely absent in the Japanese version, và every other unlockable character in the trò chơi can also be unlocked via passwords.The Alabasta stage was made into a hidden stage instead of a starting stage, unlocked after completing Story Mode with Crocodile.All alternate costumes for Nico Robin (dubbed only as "Ms. Sunday" in the English version) were removed, leaving her with only her Alabasta costume và its recolor, to avoid spoiling that she"d later be joining the Straw Hat Pirates.All of her Story Mode cutscenes, in addition to Chopper"s, were also completely written to remove any kind of familiarity with the Straw Hat crew, with her portraits all redrawn khổng lồ accommodate the fact that the costume she used in her Japanese artwork is now absent.Every Straw Hat character had their costumes altered, with their "B" costumes becoming their "A"/default costumes, và their "B" costumes becoming màu sắc swaps of their "A" costumes (resulting in the loss of the Skypeia arc outfits).Luffy"s Afro Luffy costume was also removed, resulting in the loss of his chất lượng "Gum Gum Cannon" secret attack.The Mariejois stage (renamed "Eden Rock" in the English release) chopped out all cameos from the Shichibukai (Doflamingo, Mihawk, & Bartholomew Kuma) & the Gorosei, leaving nothing in their place.
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