Player is the the perfect emulator that lets you play app android apps & games on Windows PC & macOS. is a free Android emulator built by a company called The emulator is designed to bring the best game android gaming experience lớn the PC.

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It is one of the fewest apk emulators that are compatible with almost every app and games, from simple social networking apps khổng lồ huge games like PUBG Mobile, it is able to run all those games without any problem. You get full control over the trò chơi through your mouse & keyboard and playing games on a big screen become much more fun.


App SizeWindows (344 MB), macOS (367 MB)
Available in9 Languages




Powered by apk 7 Nougat for more stable & smoother performance.Supports multi-instances lớn run multiple games/apps simultaneously.Level up your điện thoại gaming experience on PC with keyboard, mouse and gamepad.Macro recorder automates the complex repetitious tasks in single click.GDPR compliance for your safety & privacy.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 or Mac Sierra 10.12/10.11Processor: Dual-Core ProcessorVideo: Supports open GL 2.0 and aboveRAM: 2 GBStorage: At least 2 GB

The Keymapping feature makes it possible for you to lớn set & configure the keyboard’s keys as you want to. This gives you an advantage over other players because the response with the keyboard is faster. You can place the controls and triggers on anywhere on the screen và then save those keymapping settings

It has support for multiple versions of game android including 4.4.2 & 5.1.1 và 7.1.2. This makes it easier to lớn play old games that are not available for the latest version of Android. Before playing any trò chơi which is not updated for the latest version, just select the older android version & you’re good lớn go.

aryannations88.comPlayer also supports gamepads and controllers in games that have support for them. You can connect your controller or it will also work over bluetooth with ability to lớn run multiple instances at once. On Android, you can’t play more than one trò chơi at once but that is not the case here. You can play up khổng lồ 4 games at a time or play multiple instances of a game to use multiple gaming accounts. It also has a Macro Recorder feature which lets you record the on-screen operations & then execute the recorded script.

Unable to Install Player?

Sometimes when trying khổng lồ installing or opening aryannations88.comPlayer, you may encounter technical difficulttiies due lớn different reasons. Here are some scenarios in which you are unable to lớn install the Player và how lớn fix them.

Your graphics card driver is outdated: This happens when the graphics card driver is outdated và you are unable lớn start the aryannations88.comPlayer. The fix for this issue is very easy & you just need lớn upgrade the graphics card driver to lớn start the application. There are automatic driver update software available such as Driver Booster which automatically detects and updates the drivers or you can bởi vì it manually.Antivirus conflict: If you have an anti-virus program installed such as Bitdefender or Avast then you will be having issues with the installation và startup of aryannations88.comPlayer. This may result in the installation setup being stuck at 99%. This can be fixed by disabling the anti-virus program or making an exception for aryannations88.comPlayer so, the anti-virus software does not consider it as virut software.Windows Defender Conflict: Windows Defender may also consider aryannations88.comPlayer as a threat và hence, you would be unable lớn start it normally. This can be fixed by turning off the Windows Defender or making an exception for aryannations88.comPlayer.

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Unable to lớn run aryannations88.comPlayer Installer: This happens on Mac when you download the aryannations88.comPlayer installer but are unable khổng lồ run it. If you find yourself in such a position then first locate the installer of the aryannations88.comPlayer và then right-click on the icon and manually open it.Installing an older version: If you are having issues with the latest version then you can try out the older versions of the aryannations88.comPlayer that may be compatible.