Simple, flashy, over the top

Almost a decade ago, in my mid-teens, I was hugely into Naruto. As a socially awkward nerd who had just discovered that Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon were part of a larger truyền thông genre, I spent years avidly following the adventures of the titular hero, Sasuke, & Sakura from their beginnings as trainee ninjas into adults dealing with complex issues.

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And then one day, I just stopped following the series. The Great nin-ja War had dragged on for over a year of manga chapters, with diminishing amounts of weekly progress killing my interest in continuing to read. I still cared about seeing a resolution lớn the story some day, but I convinced myself it would be easy to jump right back in when the series reached its conclusion.

Last year when Naruto‘s manga came to a close, I tried, unsuccessfully, lớn reproduce my initial enthusiasm & finish the series. Naruto: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 provided an abridged recap, a final chapter in the saga, and the closure I needed to put the series aside.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 (PC, PS4 , Xbox One)Developer: Cyber Connect 2Publisher: Bandai NamcoReleased: February 9, 2016MSRP: $49.99

Much lượt thích the previous Ninja Storm games, this is a combination of 3 chiều multiplayer fighting with a truncated re-telling of the story of Shippuden. Starting in the midst of The Great nin-ja War, Ultimate ninja Storm 4‘s story mode tells the same tale as the manga and anime, cutting out any side kích hoạt and pruning what’s left to the bare essentials. Where did Kakashi get his Sharingan? Who is the guy in the orange mask? Will naruto ever convince people lớn “believe it”?

As a reminder of the story’s progression và to round off my enjoyment of Naruto, Ninja Storm 4 was a solid, satisfying experience. Featuring full English and Japanese voice tracks from the cast of the anime, the story mode tends khổng lồ switch between ten-minute chunks of anime cutscene & short fight sequences as appropriate. There’s an awful lot of watching compared to playing, but as someone looking khổng lồ get through the story, that suited me just fine.

The combat, which remains unchanged between the single-player story và multiplayer modes, favours style over substance. Characters use the same bộ combo button presses & control in much the same way as each other. The primary difference between the cast is in visual flourish, the tốc độ at which they move, & the type of over-the-top special attack they employ. It’s designed so that once you have wrapped your head around controlling one character, you can switch & play as another with very little additional practice needed.

In versus mode, you pick three characters from which to lớn build a team. While you can switch characters mid-battle, the most interesting aspect of team selection is that pairing together characters with pre-existing narrative ties can result in the ability khổng lồ perform special combination moves unique to the game. Put Sasuke & Naruto together, for example, và you’ll see a pretty cool-looking lightning Chidori Rasengan combination attack.

This simplification of combat mechanics is, in many ways, a welcome blessing, as the roster in Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 is enormous. There are multiple variants of the main cast with unique move-sets, everyone from end-of-the-story villains to minor characters. I spent hours with the trò chơi just trying khổng lồ see every character’s top-end skills pulled off, and am well aware there’s a whole bunch of combination attacks I still have not seen.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate ninja Storm 4 is fairly simple as a fighting game, & has evolved little mechanically over past iterations. Thankfully for me, it really didn’t need to vị either of those things. It’s an extravagant, over-the-top spectacle where you get khổng lồ watch teenage ninjas blow up chunks of the planet using magic attacks, and that’s pretty cool.

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If, like me, you fell off the Naruto bandwagon during the early parts of nin-ja War, it’s a great way to put a few hours in và still know how the whole narrative ended up playing out.