Build a powerful and user-friendly news trang web with any of these impactful WordPress newspaper themes.

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We bring you the best-of-the-best collection after thorough market research.

Testing each theme was the second step, eliminating many poor performers. (There were 50+ actually – I know, right!)

Here we are now with the 23 newspaper themes with everything you need to start online fast và effort-free.

Share news lượt thích a CHAMP.

Best WordPress Newspaper Themes



Newspaper is a general newspaper WordPress theme with everything you need to start your online project strong. Front-end editing, drag, & drop functionality, fast loading page speed, intuitive interface, etc.

From loads of ready-made demos for newspapers, online magazines, và blogs to lớn countless collections of layouts & components, Newspaper does not disappoint.

On đứng top of that, you do not need to lớn be an expert to work with Newspaper. Even someone without coding and design skills can still experience success in establishing a modern newspaper website.

What’s more? Newspaper is SEO-friendly, comes with additional premium plugins, và works flawlessly on all devices or web browsers.

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Gillion (Trending Item)


Gillion specializes in magazines, publishing và writing. You start with several demos that display different column arrangements. It also provides awesome bookmarking systems and particular blog features.

Furthermore, Gillion uses WPBakery as its main page builder and improved SEO techniques.

Moreover, Gillion comes with documentation và a capacitated custom support team. Use it freely & enjoy its live customizer to lớn see real-time changes. Get enchanted, use Gillion!

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Zeen has everything you want when searching for the ideal newspaper WordPress theme. One tool và you’re good to lớn go!

It all begins with numerous demos that are quick & easy to install. You can then customize the sample however you want (0 coding) and set it all right away.

Since speed is essential these days, Zeen comes optimized for extreme page loading on mobile and desktop. (Reading & viewing experience is so good.)

Note: You can also use WooCommerce and create an online store (because, why not?). Build the finest newspaper site now.

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Soledad is an innovative WordPress theme that promises to lớn enhance every aspect of your newspaper website.

It is fully responsive to lớn all devices, website browsers, và operating systems. You will never have lớn worry about compatibility.

This is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market because it insists on offering chất lượng and variety. Many customization options allow you khổng lồ craft an exemplary newspaper website.

In total, there are 1,000s slider & layout combinations. The theme is very accessible and easy to lớn install.

For those who want khổng lồ sell merchandise, this theme has WooCommerce support. Yes, Soledad is a big deal!

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MagPlus is a WordPress theme specializing in news and publicity. It is a professional instrument that emphasizes mass communication và selling with 40+ demos.

MagPlus comes with Google AMP for a smooth run on devices & Google AdSense for publicity. It offers multilingual translation for international readers lớn be able to lớn participate easily.

WooCommerce and contact forms get your business done.

You get powerful icons, portfolios, and widgets, too! Get pampered và solve daily challenges at once with its shortcodes. Take a look & test the nguồn of MagPlus!

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GoodLife is a good WordPress theme for news websites, simplifying the website development process.

This theme is versatile, adapting khổng lồ any niche. In addition, there are multiple pre-designed demos that you can import instantly. Regardless of your needs, GoodLife has your back.

The articles will be the heart of your newspaper website. However, readers will appreciate that you can incorporate gorgeous galleries and đoạn phim pages.

Page construction is greatly simplified, so even a child can thiết kế a popular website.

The WPBakery plugin uses drag & drop technology, turning an otherwise complicated process into a pleasurable experience.

Enjoy its live preview & take action!

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SmartMag is a clever and responsive WordPress magazine multipurpose theme. It lets any webmaster articulate eloquent magazines and blogs overnight.

A drag-and-drop page builder simplifies layout customization. (No coding is necessary!)

SmartMag is the most modern solution for all your mass communication needs, from enticing slideshows & carousels to lớn multi-page navigation for maximized ad revenue.

Optimized for SEO, SmartMag drives up your traffic combined with your great content. Viralize your content and increase your traffic & revenue without skipping a beat, thanks lớn social sharing.

Check out SmartMag today & be heard!

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The Voux

If you are looking for a versatile magazine WordPress theme, look no further than The Voux.

This theme incorporates user-friendly headers và powerful mega menus. Admins can use sub-categories, tags, và categories as sources. You can display nội dung with gorgeous full-screen galleries.

The layout is also completely responsive, ensuring a smooth experience on all devices!

You have khổng lồ make sure that your page will be unique, distinguishing itself from its competition. Thankfully, WPBakery allows you khổng lồ style và personalize each element.

A solid marketing plan will always seek khổng lồ harness the massive potential of social networks. The Voux has you sorted!

Additionally, The Voux has WPML multilingual plugin tư vấn to go global.

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Jannah is a newspaper, magazine, news WordPress theme. It is flexible & covers different kinds of formats.

Also, it is compatible with AMP, which makes your nội dung mobile-optimized. Jannah is high-performing, with a page speed score of 98%.

And if you want to lớn stand out from the crowd, you will love easy customizations.

Moreover, Jannah is WooCommerce integrated và has specific pre-defined spaces for ads.

Jannah has complete integration with industry-standard tools such as MailChimp and Feedburner. And, of course, you can create a community with BuddyPress.

You can even choose to địa chỉ notifications to your menu. This theme is powerful, easy, fast, beautiful, và friendly. What more could you ask for?

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PenNews is a powerful, sleek and responsive WordPress news và magazine trang web theme. It has everything a modern news trang web needs lớn make it big.

WPBakery lets you kiến thiết page layouts without coding. (Customize everything lượt thích a pro within a few clicks.)

Present your stories in unique, custom post styles that you can make your own. Integrate gorgeous galleries và awesome portfolios with ease. Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles keep server costs low.

Get your news trending on social truyền thông with custom sharing counters và buttons. Monetize your traffic with unlimited ad spaces, in-feed ads, and more.

PenNews lets your magazine compete with all the big names và publications!

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ZoxPress rocks 15 demos & 100+ layout combinations for you lớn build an A-grade newspaper trang web in a little breeze. Like other WordPress themes on this list, ZoxPress is also compatible with all thiết bị di động devices.

The collection of features is also pretty endless, so you don’t need lớn look elsewhere for additional extensions & whatnot.

ZoxPress rocks it all và then some lớn kick-start your news portal swiftly. You can also translate it, create a diễn đàn with bbPress and even expand your website with an eCommerce section.

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NewStar is a super flexible WordPress newspaper theme for all news-first pages. Out of the box, NewStar delivers 20+ chất lượng demos that you can utilize as they are or improve further.

You can even come up with custom layouts và make something astonishing and personal out of NewStar. It is all possible, & you vì not need to be a coder or a designer to lớn make it happen.

Loads of different headers & footers, sticky menu, neatly boxed and wide blog, portfolio layouts, và even child theme readiness, NewStar is here to lớn please.

Some of the essential features of NewStar are one-click test import, accelerated sản phẩm điện thoại pages (AMP), WPML support, and fast loading speeds.

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There is no need to continue hunting for the best WordPress newspaper theme. No matter how meticulous your taste is, you can easily create a chất lượng newspaper website with TheGem.

There are multiple ready-made samples at your disposal, all available và ready for you lớn get your project going in little lớn no time.

You can now bring a modern and creative newspaper trang web into fruition using the all-around tool, TheGem.

0 coding!

TheGem also comes with the convenient drag & drop page builder that offers everyone to modify its mặc định settings accordingly.

Avoid the hassle once & for all and successfully start a new online news project, whether niche or general.

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Compass is a bold và beautiful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme for designing và constructing online magazines, webzines, & similar projects.

Suppose you aim to lớn distribute a large amount of visual & information-heavy content to an even larger number of users across many devices, browsers, & platforms.

In that case, Compass is the theme you’re looking for. Enjoy.

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The Issue

The Issue is a super flexible WordPress newspaper theme that you can employ for any online project.

You can go after creating your perfect trang web straight away with the 19 pre-defined demos out of the box. You can create food, travel, music, lifestyle, personal và fashion news pages, và more in a snap.

But you can craft so many more different styles without the need lớn touch code.

In other words, feel free to modify and adjust the mặc định settings of The Issue và make it yours.

Other features of The Issue are nine article details, 10 headers, 2 nhận xét styles, 2 mega menus, & cool smart lists for images. Start on the web strong with the impressive The Issue.

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Newsmag is a fantastic WordPress theme that allows you to lớn easily write and publish articles and blog posts.

Its strong points are flexibility, performance, elegant design, chất lượng demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, etc. Newsmag excels in news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or đánh giá websites.

We received a green light on all parameters on Google Structured Data Testing Tools. This means that SEO is a matter addressed most seriously by TagDiv team.

Newsmag is Google AdSense ready and supports responsive và mobile-friendly ads. We added some AdSense code; the Newsmag did the rest.

We tried some content improvement tools like the custom-made gallery, smartlist, đoạn clip playlist, & text format settings options, và the results were amazing.

Newsmag is willing to take your project khổng lồ the next level.

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Ceris is a great WordPress theme that you can easily use for building a newspaper website. It is a tool of many ready-to-use demos khổng lồ choose from, all working flawlessly out of the box.

On top of that, Ceris also offers complete creative freedom when customizing one of its samples.

Go niche or go broad; whatever the case, Ceris handles it with ease. It has many unique features and functions that will help make your news site pop.

Some goodies include AMP support, infinite scrolling, emoji reactions, GDPR, & 20+ headers.

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With a clean look, Newsblock is a WordPress newspaper theme that will help you stand out a mile. It is more minimalistic, with just the right special features to spice things up.

You can select between 9 demos, of which you can all alter further.

One cool characteristic of Newsblock is the dark mode toggle, allowing users lớn switch between night and day mode with a click.

Other goodies cover custom widgets & blocks, lazy loading, Instagram integration, & newsletter subscription.

Newsblock takes care of anything và everything so the building will be more effortless.

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Vinkmag is a powerful & flexible WordPress newspaper theme with a great selection of pre-defined demos. You can choose between dark và light modes và some niche designs that will cater to your needs smoothly.

On top of that, you can also step things up & modify Vinkmag using the Elementor page builder.

Vinkmag also has many different features & treats that will vì chưng you well.

From entirely customizable width, reading progress bar, editable headers, & footers to post slider, WooCommerce compatibility, and easy monetization, Vinkmag takes care of it all và plenty more.

What’s more?

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Creativity và modernism are the two characteristics that define Digiqole. This WordPress newspaper theme is all users need to lớn start online with a new project.

Seriously, the bundle of goodness is so vast, you will not need khổng lồ use anything else other than the page layouts and features that Digiqole brings lớn the table.

Various homepages are ready-made and set for you to practice. You bởi not need to vày anything from scratch regarding Digiqole.

For any editing và modifying, you only undergo a simple drag và drop method, và that’s it.

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Disto is yet another spectacular WordPress newspaper theme alternative that will bởi you well. Kick things off with any 17+ samples và make an immediate difference.

These designs offer you khổng lồ start online with the right look for your newspaper or online magazine project.

You can also perform customization tweaks và fine-tune Disto khổng lồ your liking.

The các mục of features is vast, taking care of all the necessities và some. Disto supports AMP, Gutenberg block builder, & popular plugins.

Tons of widgets, slider, carousels, dark look, RTL compatibility, & social sharing function are all the treats of the exceptional Disto.

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Paperio is a versatile minimalistic multi-pumultipurposerdPress theme. You get 7 pre-built demos for different purposes.

Furthermore, the developers included both WPML and POT files for easy translations.

It has been speed and SEO optimized to make users happy.

Moreover, it uses the powerful mega menu lớn arrange excellent navigation. You get many elements lớn customize for layout design, such as skins, listing pages, & headers.

Paperio is contact Form 7 compatible và can set up a personal login account with MailChimp. Have fun playing around with customized backgrounds and a responsive layout.

You can consult your doubts with the committed 5-star review support team. Enjoy Paperio newspaper!

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The Fox

The Fox is a clever & innovative WordPress theme for commentary magazines.

Its developers equipped The Fox with the impressively flexible WordPress Live Customizer.

This feature contains custom additional elements and options for 1,000+ configurable choices that can tăng cấp every nook & cranny of your online magazine.

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You can also quickly meet any branding or corporate identity requirements with The Fox.