ATV 1800e Powered By apk Ultra HD TV BoxThe highly anticipated ATV1800e is a real product và not an internet Rumor. The world�s first Quad bộ vi xử lý core CPU & Octa GPU Powered by apk 4.4 TV Box provides Unbelievable Life-like Ultra High Definition Clarity which is 4 times the resolution of Blu-Ray 1080P. ATV 1800e features the Super Speedy Amlogic S802B Quad bộ vi xử lý core Processor which supports hardware decoding of Dolby-Digital(AC3) through HDMI output.The ATV 1800e is light years ahead of the rest with 2.0GHz và Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Hardware decode any 4K Ultra HD (UHD 4K2k) clip in seconds with Octa chip core Mali-450 GPU và marvel at a crystal clear viewing in 3840x2160, 4 times the resolution of your standard 1080P HD.The internal memory of the ATV 1800e has been increased lớn 16GB NAND Flash & 2GB RAM. Along with that you get wireless 802.11 b/g/n network with external long range Wi-Fi antenna & Optional công nghệ bluetooth không dây technology for the highest possible performance và better stability.To reveal the futuristic features of the ATV 1800e simply connect the Quad chip core Powered by apk TV box with your existing Television. Plug it in the HDMI or RCA cable & instantly transform your Television into a Smart Powered by apk TV. Surf the net using WI-FI, use SNS apps khổng lồ chat with your friends or just sit back và savor the latest on-line movies and music with your family. It�s all here, neatly wrapped inside one little box.

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Android is the World"s leading Mobile và Tablet Operating System. This means No Learning curves for android users. The ATV 1800e is powered by app android which allows you to download applications on your ATV 1800e và share it with all your game android devices or vice versa. Download from Millions of Apps, Games, Books, Movies and more on the Google Playstore. ATV 1800e is preloaded with the Popular XBMC truyền thông Center as its Premium home Entertainment Software. XBMC has No trials, No Pro Edition và No Limitations. Our competitors seem khổng lồ think offering a limited basic edition or trial period truyền thông media Center is acceptable.

Amlogic S802B Quad bộ vi xử lý core CPU, Octa core GPU, frequency is 1.6-2.0 GHz2GB RAM, 16GB Flash NAND memoryPowered by apk 4.4 OS KitKatBuilt in internet Browser for website Surfing with Flash SupportGoogle Playstore, Offering Millions of Apps, Movies, Books và GamesXBMC Home truyền thông Center Entertainment. Sports, News, Movies, Religious, Music and more.Skype video Chat. (Web Camera required, KR-300 remote Supports Microphone/Speaker)Free Movies from Crackle and không tính phí Trial of Netflix.Supports 4K2K video local truyền thông media playback from SD thẻ or USB HDD
Bulit in 802.11 b/g/n Dual Band Wi-Fi with External Extended Range AntennaHDMI Supports 1080i,1080p và 4K Ultra HD4 external USB interface, tư vấn for mobile HDD, tư vấn mouse & keyboard operatingSupport for weather, calendar, and desktop clock gadgetsSupport for music player, picture player and more family entertainment Airplay/DLNA from your Android và Apple game ios Devices straight to your ATV 1800eSupport for SD thẻ up khổng lồ 32GBApp Installer for application installation from USB/SD

System Requirements

TV with HDMI inFor WiFi Router with preferrably N tư vấn at least G tư vấn


1 Year Warranty in Canada và USA repair facility.Authorized Dealers offer over the counter exchange warranty.

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Package Contents

ATV1800 Enjoy TV Quad vi xử lý core Ultra HD BoxHDMI cableUser Manual power nguồn AdapterIR Remote Control