Do you have problems when installing certain programs or games in Windows? Does your system indicate an error such as MSVCR120 dll is missing error? A missing dll file can be extremely problematic for your entire Windows system. It can cause disruption of work, unable khổng lồ access some software, và more.

Since most users are unfamiliar with the dll file, they find it difficult lớn arrive at the proper solution. The MSVCR120 dll is missing problem is a frustrating one as the program you want to mở cửa will not start. When you load a trò chơi or certain other programs, the .dll missing error will pop out. You will likely see a message that reads like this: “This application failed lớn start because MSVCR120 dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

What is the MSVCR120 dll is missing error?

DLL is the abbreviated form for Dynamic liên kết Library. MSVCR120 dll is a Microsoft C Runtime Library tệp tin of size around 645 KB. This DLL file is part of library files that contain certain resources or variables or can execute specific functions. The DLL files are vital for the functioning of C++ Redistributable pack. They act like .exe files.

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However, different programs frequently use them. Since these files are related khổng lồ the frameworks, they are part of, & because certain apps are designed based on these frameworks, the absence of the files prevents the app which relies on the DLL file from running or installing.

If the DLL tệp tin such as MSVCP***.dll or MSVCR***.dll files are faulty or missing, it is difficult to lớn launch programs or games that run on programming languages such as C++/CLI, C++, & C. The MSVCR120 dll missing defect specifically relates to the C++ programming language. Issues with this file will make programs or games based on C++ stop working.

The solution is as easy as reinstalling the missing DLL tệp tin on your system in most cases. But there are other ways khổng lồ resolve the problem, too. For example, you can vì a quick system scan, rule out corrupted files, remove malicious software, or use specialized repair software to địa chỉ cửa hàng the missing file.

Additional details about msvcr120 dll is missing error

To really understand this error message, it is important that you have a basic understanding of what msvcr120 ddl is. Lớn define msvcr120 dll, it is a part of Microsoft Visual C++. It is typically a necessary utility for running programs developed with Visual C++.

Some software or games will need this tệp tin in the installation folder in order lớn work. You copy it from Windows system folder to the install-folder of the software should fix that problem. Of course, you need to lớn make sure khổng lồ use the 32bit dll file for 32bit software. Alternatively, use a 64bit dll file for 64bit software.

Sometimes if this simple fix does not work, you can try reinstalling the program. You may also need to re-install the Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable package which can be found at Microsoft Support

Here are a few effective ways khổng lồ fix the .dll error:

Fix 1: Use the Advanced System Repair Tool (Restoro)

An easy way to fix any type of Windows error message is lớn use a reliable tool like Restoro. This tool is one of the most advanced System Repair solutions available for Windows. Restoro will scan your system and automatically fix errors. If you find yourself seeing an MSVCR120 dll is missing error, be sure khổng lồ follow the steps below to tải về and install it on your PC:

Step #1

Download & Install Restoro for free.


Step #2

Accept the license terms by checking the “I Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” and click the “Install và Scan Now” green button.

Step #3:

Once installed the program will scan your system gathering important information & checking for errors.

Step #4:

Once the scan is done click the “Clean Now” green button.

Step #5:

Restoro will automatically create a restore point in Windows in case of any issues with the repair process. Once the restore point is created it will attempt lớn fix the found errors on your system.

If you continue khổng lồ experience MSVCR120 dll is missing error, you can try the other methods below.

Fix 2: Reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

As explained above, you can try reinstalling the program to fix this error message. Just lớn recap, MSVCR120 dll is a tệp tin that is part of the Visual C++ pack of Visual Studio (version 2013). Improper or faulty installation of the pack can cause an error message in the ddl tệp tin including the MSVCR120 dll is missing error. The most effective và easiest method to lớn correct the issue of MSVCR120 dll is missing error from your computer is to tải về the pack from Microsoft once again.

Note: Make sure you download the program file pack from the official Microsoft website. This will prevent any potential risks. Unofficial websites are not approved sources for downloading.dll files, và you may inadvertently tải về files that have viruses attached to lớn them or tải về outdated files that won’t help your problem & may make it worse. To lớn safeguard your computer, you need lớn ensure you use only the official Microsoft trang web for the download.

Here are the steps for the download:

Step #1

Visit the official Microsoft trang web and search for the C++ download. Select your language, và click on the download button.

Step #2

To find out what type of system you have (32-bit or 64-bit), you can use the cmd option in the tìm kiếm bar on your computer. Mở cửa the command prompt window & type in ‘systeminfo,’ và press the button. Now you can see what type of system you have.

Step #3

Choose the pack based on the type of system you have such as x64 for a 64-bit system and x86 for a 32-bit system. Now click on next.

Step #4

Once the download is complete, use the mouse double click option on the downloaded file. Follow the installation instructions.

Step #5

Reboot the system and mở cửa the program that was giving you the error to check if it is working again. This should fix the missing from your computer msvcp120.dll error.

Check if you still experience the MSVCR120 dll is missing error. If the above method does not work, move on khổng lồ our next solution.

Fix 3: do a vi khuẩn Scan

The good thing about this error is that an avg antivirus không tính phí scan can easily fix the issue. The DLL tệp tin can also fail to lớn work if your system is corrupted by a virus or if the PC has a malware infection. Since you can find this file in the Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library file, sometimes downloading it from inconspicuous sources causes malware khổng lồ enter your system. Malware such as trojans is commonly connected lớn the .dll missing or .dll not found errors since the malware impersonates .dll files. As a result, using your anti virut program lớn remove any malware infection will help fix the msvcr120 dll is missing.

Furthermore, you can always trust your Windows Defender to vày the job. This is a built-in computer security that is included in almost all Windows OS.

You need first to identify if this is the specific fault that is preventing the dll file from working correctly. Khổng lồ verify this issue, you need to lớn scan the entire system with the anti-virus program you have. Although Windows Defender is effective against viruses và malware, it is not sufficient khổng lồ completely protect from vi khuẩn attacks. You need to use anti-virus applications such as AVG or Norton. If you vì not have antivirus software, try reinstalling the program & use it to fix this error.

Step #1

Open your antivirus software. There may be an icon on the taskbar, or you can type ‘antivirus’ into the search bar.

Step #2

Run a full virut scan of the Windows operating system. This usually takes a while khổng lồ complete. Avoid choosing a ‘quick scan’ as this will not cover the entire system & can easily miss the parts that are infected. You may have to change your scan settings or click on ‘Advanced scan’ to vị this depending on the antivirus you are using.

Step #3

If the antivirus found malware or a virut in your system, you should follow the mix of instructions provided by the program khổng lồ remove it. Restart the computer after you have cleared the system of the viruses and kiểm tra if the MSVCR120 dll is missing error has been resolved.

If it hasn’t, please continue lớn the next method.

Fix 4: bởi a Clean Installation of the Affected Program

As part of the Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library file, you can just tải về and try reinstalling the program into your computer. Manual download of MSVCR120.dll files is another way to resolve the .dll missing from your computer error message. You need to download the tệp tin manually from the web. Again, make sure these come from a developer. If you are not a professional used khổng lồ dealing with potentially malicious downloads, you should never download from a third-party source.

Another option is khổng lồ copy the Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library file from a trusted, working Windows computer (that is the same type as yours—64-bit or 32-bit) with the missing files intact. In your system xuất hiện the tìm kiếm engine you are using such as Bing or Google. Tìm kiếm for .dll tệp tin download. Many sites provide the feature. Here are the steps to lớn follow for clean .dll installation.

Step #1

If your system is a 32-bit one, and you want khổng lồ run games on it but cannot because of the .dll error, you have to copy the respective file or tải về it from a trusted website lớn the thư mục C:Windowssystem32.

In case your system is the 64bit type, you must use a more cautious method. The system will have two types of MSVCR120.dll of files. The 32-bit tệp tin should be copied lớn C:Windowssystem32 và the 64-bit copied to the C:WindowsSysWOW64.

Step #2

Launch the Run command by simultaneously pressing the R và Windows biệu tượng công ty keys. Type the following command in the box:

regsvr32 msvcr120.dll

Step #3

Press the key. This will remove the .dll missing error notification.

If this method did fix the msvcr120 dll is missing error or if you could not find a safe copy of the files, continue to lớn the next method.

Fix 5: Run the Windows System file Checker

The System file Checker on your Windows operating system is a good utility feature that lets you scan for any system corruption. If you are still experiencing the msvcr120 dll is missing error, you can try doing an SFC scan to fix the issue. Once the system tệp tin checker detects the corrupted files, it will repair them. So you can try lớn scan the system for the corrupted or missing files. Here are the steps to follow this method:

Step #1

Start by opening the command prompt. In the tìm kiếm bar, enter cmd & press .

Step #3

The system tệp tin checker process will take a few minutes to complete. The issue will be fixed automatically after scanning. Wait patiently until you see the scanning is 100% complete. When the scan is finished, you should restart the computer and run the .dll program to verify if it is now functioning normally.

Fix 6: Update Your Windows 10 Operating System

If you continue to lớn experience msvcr120 dll is missing error, you need to lớn make sure that your Windows 10 Operating System is updated. Any outdated file in your Windows OS will cause a problematic program. Windows 10 updates ensure that files missing from your computer are restored.

Open the Start menu and go to Settings and open Update & Security.

Next, select check for updates & select tải về and Install to lớn apply any updates.

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The above four methods are the best and effective methods that are easy to lớn follow. By using any of these methods, you can easily get rid of the frustrating .dll error & enjoy your trò chơi or other programs that you were unable to xuất hiện and play earlier.