Recently, Xuan Nghi attracted attention with a new post on her personal page. Accordingly, Mr. Can Tro humorously announced that there would be a hot scene with My Soi (the role of Thu Quynh in the movie “Quynh Doll”) after the waiting period. “Finally, Cao Minh Bach was able to lớn play a hot scene with My Wolf lớn retaliate against Quynh Doll for daring to criticize Bach as a mass actor in the past. Let’s all wait for the scene that Bach prepared more than a year ago, it promises lớn be very stimulating“.

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Xuan Nghi, Thu Quynh and tuy nhiên Luan co-star in a new movie

In the posted image, Xuan Nghi appeared strangely with split hair và white glasses. He smiled happily when he met Thu Quynh & actor tuy vậy Luan. Under the post, My Wolf humorously commented: “30 degrees with a sweatshirt and blanket upside down. You’re hot và sweaty“. Hearing that, Xuan Nghi replied: “Oh, isn’t it warm enough lớn be next to a handsome guy?“. The interaction of the two actors attracted the attention of fans. Many fans expressed their interest & expectations with the couple’s new project:Looking at Mr. Nghi’s face, he seems satisfied“, “Looking forward to lớn the movie of Bach and My wolf so much“, “My brother has great hair“… Besides, according lớn the image shared by tuy nhiên Luan, it can be seen that the new film also has the presence of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac and actor Khuong Ngoc.

Xuan Nghi plays Cao Xuan Bach in the movie “Balanha Inn”

Cao Xuan Bach in “Balanha Inn” is a role that leaves a deep impression on Xuan Nghi’s small screen audience. With this role, the Khanh Hoa-born actor overcame heavyweights such as Manh Truong, Viet Anh, Nhan Phuc Vinh, and Thanh Son khổng lồ receive the “Most Impressive Actor” award at the VTV Awards 2020. Nghi said that Bach “Nhi” helped him buy a house after 7 years of staying in the house.

In the film, there is a scene where Cao Xuan Bach was chosen to play the role of “marshal” Canh, stunting an intimate scene with Quynh Doll. Because he was eager to replace Doan Quoc Dam to lớn film with Phuong Oanh, he tried to thảm bại 9kg in 10 days to the point of “starving”. But on the day of filming, Bach was surprised lớn find that his co-star was just a stuntman, not the real Quynh Doll as he expected. In the end, Bach could not make any scenes of this movie because the two main actors did not appear.

Thinking of playing a “bed scene” with Quynh Doll, Bach was surprised when he saw a stuntwoman

Therefore, when meeting Thu Quynh “My Wolf” again in the new movie, Xuan Nghi felt excited và said he would “revenge”.

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Xuan Nghi is known as a talented young actor of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. The actor born in 1990 made an impression on the audience through skits and sitcoms such as “Jiang Ho mang đến Moi”, “Rescuing Tam bầu Tu”… In addition, he participated in a number of cinema films such as “Xom”. 3 chiều accommodation”, “Last summer first love”, “Let me be a little closer to lớn you”. In particular, the role of Mr. Can Tro in the VTV movie “That day I fell in love” broadcast in 2018 helped Xuan Nghi become famous after nearly 10 years in the profession. Playing the role of a German traffic policeman, he portrays the character’s personality through the voice of a villager in Phu Yen with a stooped appearance and a stern, scowling face. The role has only seven segments, but leaves a clear impression. Since then, many fans have called Xuan Nghi by this nickname. Both “I fell in love that day” và “Balanha Inn” are the actor’s North project.