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MiniTool Partition Wizard free is không tính tiền partition management software for Windows that can perform lots of different tasks on hard drives & partitions. It can copy, format, delete, wipe, extend, và resize partitions.

This is a đánh giá of the free version of MiniTool Partition Wizard v12.6, which was released on November 25, 2021. There are a few features that require a paid upgrade, but everything discussed below is doable with the không tính tiền edition. See this danh mục of similar không tính tiền disk partitioning toolsif you"re after something that MiniTool"s program can"t bởi vì without the upgrade.


Very easy khổng lồ use.

Supports common partitioning functions.

Can extend the system partition without rebooting.

Sends all changes to a queue to be applied when ready.

Doesn't support managing dynamic disks.

Shows features that only work in the upgraded version.

Tries to install an unrelated program during setup.

Infrequent program updates.

Windows can be copied from its current drive lớn a different one using theMigrate OS to SSD/HD WizardfeatureThe cluster kích thước can be changed when formatting a partitionMiniTool Partition Wizard makes it simple lớn resize a partition because you can drag the size left or right lớn alter it, or you can enter the value manually to make it exactly the right sizePartitions and disks can be copied over to lớn other partitions or disksThe tệp tin system can be checked and/or repaired if it is damagedCan convert the system disk from MBR to GPTAll partitions can be quickly selected lớn be removed at oncePartitions can be hidden, which will prevent them from displaying alongside the other drives and partitions in WindowsPartitions can be quickly mix as active or inactiveA partition can be easily split into two parts, which essentially resizes the partition (even if has data on it), & then creates a new partition from the resulting không lấy phí spaceThe system partition only, or the entire disk, can be copiedYou"re able khổng lồ convert between primary and logical partitionsLost partitions can be restored using with the included Partition Recovery WizardThe properties of a partition can be viewed, which includes the Type ID, file system, serial number, first physical sector, & other detailsSupports multiples languages, including English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, và Italian

Thoughts on MiniTool Partition Wizard miễn phí

As is true with most of the không tính tiền disk partitioning tools we've looked at, every change you make lớn the partitions & disks with MiniTool Partition Wizard will first be reflected virtually, and then sent to lớn the "Operations Pending" section of the program.

This is a great feature because you're able khổng lồ see how the partition changes you make will play out once selecting Apply, all without having to actually wait for each step to complete.

We also lượt thích that you can make the system partition larger without having lớn reboot the computer. Most không lấy phí disk partitioning tools support this, but not all of them. This means if you have unallocated space that isn't being used, you can quickly apply it khổng lồ the system partition to lớn enlarge it in a matter of seconds.

The major issue with MiniTool's program is that some features appear khổng lồ be an available option only until you select them, after which you're told you need lớn upgrade khổng lồ a paid version to use it.

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For example, although basic disks are supported & "Dynamic Disk" options are visible, you can't convert a dynamic disk lớn a basic disk because the không lấy phí version doesn't let you manage dynamic disks. You need either the Pro or Server edition to work with dynamic disks.