We present to your attention the new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18! This is a new version with new unique & very interesting features that is currently at the testing stage. In the new version, you will see a completely new dimension, new items, blocks, armor, và much more.(We draw your attention to the fact that this version is at the testing và refinement stage. This information has been received và verified from verified và reliable sources that previously provided true & relevant information about upcoming updates).Let’s now take a closer look at what awaits us in the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.18 update!All fans of the Minecraft world are already exploring the new world of Minecraft PE 1.16 updates, spending most of their time in the updated và exciting Nether world, as you already know the dimension where players can find a large number of very interesting và unique content, namely new creatures, as hostile and neutral, new mechanisms, new blocks và biomes, locations and structures, và much more. But very soon, the developers of the Mojang studio will present Minecraft to the community a new no less interesting version of Minecraft PE 1.18 with new features that will interest you in one way or another.Players will appreciate the new improved game play and many other aspects of the game that will introduce new previously unprecedented functionality. For example, a portal using which players can move to lớn a new dimension, or use a bow with a quiver during a battle.From the new, in the upcoming update, there will be such an object as a chair. Yes, just a chair, but this decorative block will be fully functional và each player can easily place it at home and sit on it.A new dimension called Paradise!A completely new dimension will be added to the Minecraft world with new features, new blocks, and much more. The new dimension will be called PARADISE. This can not but rejoice you since we have not seen or heard about new worlds for a long time. This world is the exact opposite of such a place as Nether world since here it will be light at any time of the day. This is a big plus for players since you vì not need items such as a torch or lights.This world consists of light blocks that illuminate the entire surface. It is a very beautiful place with a beautiful landscape. But vì not relax, because even here you can find yourself in trouble. How? It is very simple, you can step on such a dangerous block as a block of spikes. This block can kill a player, so be careful. The developers of the Mojang studio always showroom some interesting difficulties, which is also good because it is a useful experience. This world gives new opportunities khổng lồ developers of maps & other add-ons. Here your imagination can open up new possibilities.New PortalYou are probably wondering, but how bởi you get into the new world? Which Portal lớn use, for the Nether world there is a portal, but what about here? Everything is very simple & even slightly funny. The new portal is a Bed, but it’s not just a bed, but a Dream Bed! In order for the player to lớn craft this bed and get into a new world, you need khổng lồ get such material as Nether Star.

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New armorA new type of armor will be added lớn Minecraft, which will consist of leather and chain mail. For crafting, you need materials such as thread, leather, and iron. This type of armor has its own quality features, namely, protection will be lượt thích leather armor, and strength lượt thích that of chain mail.

New blocksOne of the new blocks will be the Spike Block. This type of block will be generated in the new Minecraft PE 1.18 update location. Players will be able khổng lồ find it in any accessible place. As mentioned earlier, if a player steps on this block, he will receive damage. The damage will affect both players and mobs. In the new location, the block of spikes will be generated in three types, wooden, diamond, & iron.Also, we draw your attention that players will be able to lớn impose different enchantments on the blocks of spikes.

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned a quiver for arrows, an thành công that had previously been removed from the Minecraft world. In the new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18, this vật phẩm will be added again. Since many players use a crossbow & a bow in their battles, they need more arrows, but sometimes it happens that there is not enough space in the inventory, this is why a new cửa nhà will be added, namely a quiver for arrows. This cửa nhà contains three stacks of arrows. You can create it in your custom inventory using iron nuggets, threads, và leather.

Another interesting object will be added lớn the world of Minecraft, namely Chairs. Players can create this decor vật phẩm using materials such as sticks and wood. You can also sit on it by simply pressing the Shift button. Players can place this block on any block other than glass.

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Other changes in MinecraftHave you ever used such types of vehicles as Minecart? If so then you will be interested. The developers of the Mojang studio devote more time to fixing various bugs và crashes in the Minecraft world that negatively affects the gameplay, that"s why Minecart attracted their attention in the new Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18 update.
It is possible that in the first update some bugs are possible, but still, in the new update, players will have another danger in the khung of transport such as Minecart. Why? Because moving at high speed, players have a chance that they can fall off the rail & die. Most often, this can happen at high speeds when cornering, so be careful.At the moment, this is all the information that we have regarding the upcoming update. But this article can be updated with new information, stay tuned for news.We also draw your attention to lớn the fact that the upcoming version of Minecraft PE 1.18 is still at the testing stage.