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Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s New?

New Bedrock Editions continue to transform và improve MCPE . The update branch MCPE 1.7.0 is aimed at improving the technical parameters of the game.

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Already at the moment, you can see an increase in the speed of all in-game processes. A large number of new teams have appeared in the game. With their help you can control almost the whole world .

In the beta version of Minecraft PE, the developers added new features . Some mobs have changed their behavior. The chat has been made more convenient.

What’s New

The world of Minecraft Bedrock continues to develop and improve its xuất hiện spaces. There are many factors that greatly interfere with the gameplay. To lớn make it easier for players to lớn play, Mojang changed some conditions .

Starting with Minecraft, users will be able to eat while they are in creative mode.

This was previously not available. At the request of the majority of the players, the Mojang team made concessions. It is also possible to adjust all the parameters of the command block. This will help to solve specific problems.


Classic chat has long been out of cảm biến with Bedrock Edition. The old interface, inconvenient button layout & sending method make chatting much more difficult.

To solve this problem, 3 new elements have been added to lớn Minecraft PE :

Mentioning player names are now highlighted in yellow.If you enter “
” in the chat, a danh sách of autocomplete nicknames of the players will be displayed.We’ve made it easier lớn find purchased content.


Improving the behavior of mobs is one of the questions of interest for developers. They are implementing new behaviors in nearly every major update. Betas are meant to prepare creatures for further changes.

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Changes in Minecraft are designed lớn fix minor bugs , for the upcoming major update :

Foot mobs will now make sounds underwater.The spawn of mobs will be evenly distributed.Entities have the ability lớn move around the worlds through portals.The creatures will not move when all components are removed.
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Why was the chat changed for the first time in such a long time?
Old interface, inconvenient button layout and sending method make chatting much more difficult.

Why are there no major changes in mobs in Minecraft PE