Chances are good that you’ve used Microsoft Office yourself at some point, và while just about everyone has at least heard of Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, fewer people are aware that this software isn’t actually free. You might not have ever had to lớn have paid for it yourself, though, if you were using it at work or at school. Nonetheless, if you need it and you’re now hunting around for a way to tải về Microsoft Office for free, you have some options depending on your situation. Here’s everything you need khổng lồ know.

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Can you download Microsoft Office for free?

The short answer is yes, but there’s a caveat. Anybody can download Microsoft Office, but the catch is that you need a license lớn use it for more than a month — & for that, you need lớn pony up some cash. There are a few different versions of Microsoft Office to lớn consider, too: Microsoft Office 365, recently rebranded lớn just “Office 365,” và is the flagship hàng hóa of the Microsoft Office software line. This requires a license that you pay for with an annual subscription fee. It’s the most complete Office software suite, as it gives you access to lớn all of the online & cloud-based features of Microsoft Office apps, such as OneDrive. Office 365 also receives the most regular updates, which are slower to lớn come khổng lồ the traditional Microsoft Office packages.

Although Office 365 is today the most popular and widely used Office platform, Microsoft still releases traditional packages every few years. The latest version is Microsoft Office 2021, although you can purchase previous editions, too — just know that you’re not getting the latest versions of the software. For these packages, payment is a one-time deal. For older copies, it’s also difficult khổng lồ ascertain which sellers, and resellers, can be trusted. When buying at low prices, you risk getting your hands on pirated or cracked software, or packages rife with malicious code & malware.

Moreover, with the older versions, you buy the software and you have the license for life. However, this can only be used on one device, you vì not get regular updates or access to lớn the cloud-based services that you get with Office 365, & Microsoft only offers support for these releases for around five years. If you just need certain Microsoft Office apps, you understand the limitations, và the “software as a service” subscription model of Office 365 doesn’t make sense for you, then one of these Microsoft Office packages might be a good fit. You can always get a legitimate license from Mr Key Shop, for both new & older versions of Microsoft software.

If your needs are really simple, however, then there is a free online version of Microsoft Office available lớn you, although you can’t download it. Office on the website is a lightweight và pared-down version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, và PowerPoint, along with OneNote, OneDrive, & Outlook. Although it’s not available for download like traditional software, you can install an on-site version of Office on the website in a private cloud if you’re so inclined.

Get a 1-month free trial of Microsoft Office 365

If you want to tải về Microsoft Office for không tính tiền (and you’re not a student or teacher — more on that later) and don’t want lớn commit lớn paying for it right away, then you bởi have another option. Microsoft offers a one-month không tính phí trial for Office 365, letting you take the productivity software suite for a pretty thorough demo drive. This should be more than ample time lớn decide whether or not you want or need to open up your wallet for a Microsoft Office tải về key or subscription license. Decided khổng lồ go ahead & pull the trigger on an Office license? Feel free to check out our run-down of how much Microsoft Office will cost you after your trial period is up.

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Student? Get Microsoft Office 365 Education for free

Perhaps the best way to lớn get Microsoft Office for không tính tiền is by being a student or educator. That might not be helpful if you’re not a student or teacher, of course, but if you are (and you have a valid .edu thư điện tử address with which to lớn register your copy), then you may be able to lớn get a không tính tiền license to Office 365 Education edition depending on your school’s eligibility. Once obtained, your Microsoft Office 365 Education edition is good khổng lồ install for one user account on up lớn two devices, và the license is valid for four years instead of one. The Office 365 Education software is identical lớn the Office 365 trang chủ Premium Edition, so you get access to lớn the full mix of apps that you’d get with that subscription.

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