Monitor your daily fitness level

Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance và calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set và work towards a healthier lifestyle!

Sync with the tiện ích to analyze your fitness và sleep activities to lớn help you improve your lifestyle.

Sync with the ngươi Band tiện ích in real-time via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to lớn view your fitness & sleep records. Save up to a year"s worth of data và get healthy lifestyle suggestions. Share & compare your data with friends to see who"s healthier!

Identify yourself with mày Band. Swipe, unlock. No passcodes required.

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Forget complicated passwords. Simply reach for your phone, swipe, and unlock. Anyone else who tries will be prompted to lớn enter a passcode. Your mày Band can be linked khổng lồ your mày Account, enhancing the security of your personal data. *Check specs page for device compatibility.

Incoaryannations88.comng gọi alerts

Never aryannations88.comss an important call again. Ask mày Band to lớn sense when a hotline has not been picked up within a certain time, & notify you immediately.

Only the finest workmanship: aluaryannations88.comnum alloy sensor & hypoallergenic silicone band

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Meticulously made in a 12-step process

The 1mm thick aluaryannations88.comnum alloy sensor surface is manufactured using a 12-step process. Compression molding, polishing & sandblasting give the metal sensor a smooth texture, while CNC aryannations88.comlling adds shine to its edges. Three indicator lights, each 1 mm in diameter, are created using aryannations88.comcro-laser perforation technology. Made up of 91 holes, each 0.02 mm across, each indicator is injected with UV adhesives to prevent dust from penetrating the device.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The band is made of TPSiV - one of the world’s best thermoplastic elastomers. Its outstanding anti-UV, anti-aryannations88.comcrobial, and anti-allergic properties mean that it’s unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin. It is soft lớn the touch & fits snugly for ultimate wearing comfort.



aryannations88.comlitary-grade exercise sensor

Manufactured by US-based ADI, Band’s accelerometer has the lowest power nguồn consumption of any comparable sensor. Its power consumption is less than one-fifth than that of siaryannations88.comlar accelerometers.

World-class Bluetooth® 4.0 chip

The DA14580 low-energy Bluetooth® 4.0 chip manufactured by Dialog can run for over 4 years on a single 225mAh button power nguồn cell. This incredibly low energy consumption means mày Band can go up lớn 30 days between charges.

Ultra-thin 8mm battery

At 8mm, ngươi Band"s 41 mAh battery is extremely thin and powerful. One full charge can last you 30 days - that"s 4 times longer than other fitness bands.


30-day battery life

One full charge lasts 30 days, that’s 4 times longer than regular fitness bands

IP67 water-resistant

The mày Band is certified IP67 water-resistant.

Locate your ngươi Band

Use the tiện ích to tell mày Band light up & vibrate, as long as it is within Bluetooth® range.

Tested lớn be tougher

High-temperature testing

Subjected to lớn temperatures of 70℃ for 128 hours continuously

Low-temperature testing

Subjected khổng lồ temperatures of -20℃ for 128 hours continuously

Drop testing

Dropped 12 times on marble surface from a height of 1.2m

Cosmetic resistance testing

Smeared with petroleum jelly và left for 24 hours


Ultra-thin 8mm battery

Battery capacity: 41 mAh Battery type: lithium polymer đầu vào current: 25 mA(TYP) đầu vào voltage: DC 5.0 V

Requires Bluetooth® 4.0. Compatible with mày 4, mày 3, lưu ý 4G, or any device with game android 4.4 and above. Compatible with iPhone models 4s & above that run on ios 7.0 & above.

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Note: ngươi Band"s phone unlocking feature requires smartphones with aryannations88.comUI or game android 5.0 và above.

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