Luxy claims to be simply the biggest và best nightclub in Toronto & all of Canada for urban music và slammed special events!



Luxy is one of Toronto’s most popular hip hop clubsThe venue fills up quickly so arrive early if you want to void the wait

Where is Luxy located?

Luxy is located outside of Toronto in Concord.

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How much is cover charge at Luxy?

Luxy usually has a cover charge around đôi mươi USD.

How long will I have khổng lồ wait at Luxy?

Expect lớn wait anywhere from 10-20 min depending on when you arrive.

When is Luxy open?

Luxy is xuất hiện Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

What are the best nights to lớn go lớn Luxy?

All nights are good.

What is the dress code at Luxy?

Luxy is a big dance club & has a very casual dress code. Wear your favorite outfit, but avoid any sportswear.

How much vày drinks cost at Luxy?

Expect to lớn pay 10-15 for cocktails.

What kind of music vị they play at Luxy?

Luxy features mostly hip hop & urban music.

Where can I find a danh mục of upcoming events / DJs at Luxy?

You can tải về the app to see upcoming events, & book tables for Luxy.

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