Vietnam is one of Windows Phone’s largest markets, & it seemed one that was also a secure stronghold for the OS.

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Vietnamese publication now however reports that retailers are having difficulty selling Microsoft Mobile’s latest handsets, and some are even considering dropping them.

The article notes that Microsoft has launched new models at very attractive prices, including Lumia 532, priced at VND2.19 million ($100), Lumia 435 at VND1.79 million ($82), Lumia 430 at VND1.59 million ($73), but even though these handsets have been described as “dirt cheap” sales have been slow.

The lists of the 10 best sellers in April provided by three biggest retailers – The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), FPT shop and Vien Thong A, only include one Windows Phone – Lumia 730. The was after the price of the handset has been slashed from VND4.99 million lớn VND3.99 million.

Apparently for private show owners only the Lumia 640 XL has been having satisfactory sales, with a big sale agent in Hanoi saying he is considering stopping the sale of Lumia models because of low demand. notes an analyst blaming a barrage of new products, saying:

“The products have strong configuration và good selling prices. However, as Microsoft continuously launched new models recently, Vietnamese customers cannot update too much information such within a short time,” he said.

He also complained about a stale hàng hóa line.

“The kiến thiết of low-cost Lumias nearly remain unchanged over the last several years,” he said. “Meanwhile, Vietnamese have become choosier about smartphones, including low-cost products.”

He also notes slow updates lớn the operating system, apps such as Instagram & Facebook which have not been updated, and lack of new flagship models until the kết thúc of the year.

We of course would also have to wonder if we are finally starting to lớn see the effect of phasing out the hãng nokia brand in the Nokia-obsessed country.

Interestingly, a recent report also surfaced of low over Lumias falling out of favour in other developing markets for reasons unknown.

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