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Hi,I just found this site và maybe someone is interested in Lotus Notes / Domino releases 6.5.6 khổng lồ 9 (Client và Server installations) directly from IBM.The dump format would be the original EXE (packed - can be unpacked by executing the EXE or via 7Zip).

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./Domino 8.5.3 64 Bit Trail 685M./Domino Fixpack 7.0.3 26M./Domino Fixpacks 8.0.2 252M./Domino Fixpacks 8.5.2 1.1G./Lotus Domino 8.5.3 5.7G./Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.3 1.1G./Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.3 ENG 1.4G./Lotus Domino Designer 9.0.1 1.1G./Lotus Domino Designer 9.0.1 ENG 812M./Lotus Domino Enterprise vps V9.0.1 1.5G./Lotus Notes 6.5.6 157M./Lotus Notes 7 15G./Lotus Notes 8 25G./Lotus Notes 9 1.6G./Notes Admin+Designer 8.5 991M./Notes Fixpacks 8.0.2 165M./Notes Fixpacks 8.5.2 598M./Notes Fixpacks 8.5.3 60M./Other 1.2G----------------------------------------------. 58G
Here is a full danh sách of included software:https://pastebin.com/nM4WMYGeAs far as I saw, the database only includes 6.0.1, so maybe it"s of interest.Best,ReeZor
I"m very interested in getting all of these, and actually I have been looking for Lotus download links for ages, so I"d be glad if you could provide me with a tải về link to every release you have. However, only older releases up khổng lồ Lotus Notes 8.5.0 will be accepted as contributions.Thanks!Win7


This is not true. Why are members spreading this nonsense that bố will not accept releases that are newer than 10 years old? We accept releases of any age, regardless if it"s 1979 or 2019. We will however not release anything khổng lồ the public newer than 10 years old & according lớn our abandonware guidelines but that"s not the same as we won"t accept them at all. In due time everything that is newer will be released as it fulfills our abandonware requirements.Stop spreading this nonsense.
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Yes, those refer khổng lồ offers and requests on the forum. You may however still upload newer stuff lớn the FTP as you"re not required to make offers before an upload. We don"t want people requesting stuff that violates our abandonware rules as we don"t allow the sharing of them, but we will archive them for future release.
Official guidelines: The Definitive Guide khổng lồ aryannations88.com :: AbandonwareChannels: Discord :: Twitter
Ok, sorry for my delayed answer. I will be back at home in a few hours (as soon as my plane lands) và could then start uploading.So all sub-folders will be packed khổng lồ seperate 7zip files e.g.

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Lotus Notes 8 Lotus Notes 8/IBM DB2 Access for Lotus Domino for Windows 8.0.2 --> Lotus-Notes-8_IBM-DB2-Access-for-Lotus-Domino-for-Windows-
Would that be OK?Unfortunately I don"t have the dates of release of all the files, is that something that would prevent me from uploading?


Please put these on a Mega, Google Drive or Onedrive volume. These are not originals so I won"t be adding them to lớn the FTP, but they might be interesting for the members.Thanks.
No problem, the upload started a few hours ago, but my connection is pretty slow, but as soon as it"s finished I"ll post the Mega links here.
mrpijey wrote:These are not originals so I won"t be adding them to the FTP, but they might be interesting for the members.
May I ask what an original release of the packages would look like, just so I"m able khổng lồ understand.For the Background: The files were retrieved via the IBM Portal with an active subscription. Every
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unpack=2name=C87DPDE.tarsha=A70DFCB9A0F523ABFAB99F6BB5EF2B9CC82532EFsize=440084480title=IBM Lotus Domino 7.0 Language Pack for AIX, Linux Intel, Solaris, Linux for zSeries German(C87DPDE)date=1129243560crc=path=E:IBM Softwarestat=1file=C87DPDE
I should have some Lotus Notes/Domino files also obtained from IBM; can provide filenames/size/hashes for comparison if it helps.

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Finally the upload succeeded, here are the files: https://mega.nz/#F!AXJnWACL!MeLTRP8YkDkacacRp8Js7g
Did anyone have a chance lớn back up that mega link? I think it"s an interesting piece of history for archival but the folders are empty. I can"t find any resources that even compare khổng lồ what that had.
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