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Even though the benchmark numbers seem low, performance from the Yoga Tablet 2 is surprisingly snappy for general computing tasks. However, you won"t want to lớn play graphics-intensive games or vày processor-stressing tasks, lượt thích Photoshop or video clip editing, on this tablet.

Unfortunately, I ran into many issues installing 3DMark, and Fire Strike is simply incompatible with this slate"s quad-core hãng intel Atom (Bay Trail) processor. Worse off, I wasn"t able khổng lồ install Maxon"s Cinebench khổng lồ measure CPU và GPU performance, as the tool was designed for 64-bit systems. The Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows was loaded with a 32-bit version of Windows 8, và sadly, Lenovo does not offer the tablet with a 64-bit version of the OS.


3DMark: Cloud Gate: 1259; Sky Driver: 483; Fire Strike: N/APCMark 8 home Test: 1,020PCMark Battery Life: 6 hours và 1 minuteCinebench: N/A

In observed performance, compared to Intel"s more powerful core series of processors, you won"t notice any difference in surfing the web, streaming YouTube videos or opening the occasional Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

If your life is in Google Apps và you play in the clouds of Netflix, Pandora, và Amazon, the Yoga Tablet 2 does a great job displaying photos và videos on its vibrant display. Audio from videos sound rich on the tablet"s Dolby-tuned speakers, but don"t expect the volume to lớn fill a room.

Another issue that professional users will encounter is the limited amount of storage space on the tablet. Available in a single configuration with 32GB of space, the Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows shows only 19.4GB of free storage out of the box.


A micro SD card slot located behind the kickstand will alleviate some of your storage needs, but users who install a lot of applications will find that the available storage on the tablet will quickly disappear. Lenovo says the Yoga Tablet 2 supports up to lớn 64GB micro SD cards, a 128GB thẻ works fine in my test.

Battery life for the Yoga Tablet 2 is strong. Lenovo claims the 6,400mAh battery lasts up to 15 hours on a full charge. Using PCMark 8"s trang chủ battery life test, the tablet recorded just over six hours. In real world use, I squeezed 12 hours & 45 minutes before the tablet powered itself off.

Bundled software

The Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows comes with minimal software installed. Aside from the standard pre-loaded Windows 8 apps from Microsoft, you"ll find a one-year subscription khổng lồ Microsoft Office 365. There is also a Lenovo Yoga 2 demo ứng dụng with videos highlighting some of the features of the slate for new users.

Aside from your Office 365 subscription, the most useful pre-loaded app on the tablet is the SHAREit app. The tiện ích allows you to share files between your tablet, a desktop PC or a smartphone.

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You"ll need lớn install the SHAREit tiện ích on your other companion devices to transfer files và share photos. Given that the tablet doesn"t come with a USB port, unless you acquire a USB OTG cable, SHAREit comes in handy as you can"t readily plug in a USB flash drive.