Find yourself taking on the epic challenges in League of Stickman where you can control your favorite League of Legend heroes into the awesome shadow battles against the enemies. Challenge all kinds of different enemies as you smash them up with your powerful attacks.

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Experience the chất lượng side-scrolling combats where all the ones that involve are featured in pitch đen coloring. Not a face is revealed, only epic skills và spells that would shine the battlefield. Experience addictive fighting chơi game that you’ll rarely find on any other title in League of Stickman.

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In the game, players will have the chances khổng lồ explore the chất lượng world in League of Stickman where every character is featured in black shadows. Together with the capable heroes, you’ll embark on your journey to challenge the dark forces that’re terrorizing the lands.

Choose between dozens of different heroes, each having their own powers và abilities, lớn take down the evil bosses that’ve been causing too much pain for the people. Engage in epic & addictive combats as you thrive and overwhelm the forces of darkness.

Take your heroes through multiple challenges & earn multiple equipment & gears as you go. Level them up and give them new items so they may gain advantages against the enemies.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the trò chơi has lớn offer:

Experience the unique shadow fights

To start with, apk gamers will have access to lớn the awesome shadow fights that you surely never seen before. Get involved in the epic combats where you can freely unleash your epic skill attacks. Discover unique battling features where you can make uses of the special attacks lượt thích Double Hits, devastating combos, và even levitating skills.

Choose between dozens of different heroes with unique powers

A great feature on League of Stickman is that it provides gamers with a huge collection of different available champions that you could pick up. Each hero in League of Stick man features their own powers and abilities that allow them lớn have completely combat styles compared lớn the others.

In addition, the characters in the trò chơi also fall into specific classes which include brawlers, knights, archers, sorcerers, and so on. Find yourself playing as the familiar champions lượt thích Ninja, Athy, Gus, Zilonand more.


Have your favorite heroes completely upgraded

And as you collected your favorite hero, you would definitely want lớn upgrade their powers. Knowing, the creators at DreamSky have included multiple power-ups that you can give your heroes. Select between multiple items that you can equip on your heroes and help them gain their advantages over the other.

Another way is to level up their heroes so they may gain advantages over the enemies. In addition, you can also nâng cấp the items & characters to increase their tiers for better powers. Higher tier items and characters will come with better stats than the others. So make sure you pay attention lớn this.

Collect spirits khổng lồ buff your team

Along with the amazing upgrades, League of Stickman features amazing spirits that you can carry with your team. These are powerful deities who possess amazing powers that can drastically buff your team members. Choose between different spirits with quality powers so you can take on the varied enemies with ease.

Choose your own team composition that works best

In addition, since you’ll be fighting the enemies in a 3-man squad, it’s recommended that you choose the most suitable team compositions khổng lồ match your playstyles. And with you being able khổng lồ control a single player at a time, you must know when lớn switch lớn another player & when lớn stick with the current one. Optimize your tactical aspects to lớn earn the advantages over the monsters.

A variety of different game modes to lớn enjoy

Android gamers in League of Stickman will find themselves having access lớn multiple chơi game that would definitely satisfy them.

Quest – Follow your journey in League of Stickman as you take down enemies through multiple levels. Each cấp độ features quality monsters with escalating powers as you get deeper into the game. So make sure your teams are well-prepared to the advanced battles.Arena – Here is where you can challenge the online gamers from all over the world in the exciting PvP challenges. Find yourself taking on their 3-man squad with your amazing skills and powerful team compositionRaids – Finally, if you wish to collect some bountiful loots, then the Raid battles are certainly a great place for you. Just choose your favorite team and head lớn the enemies’ bases. Take them down and destroy as much as you can to lớn collect a lot of money.

Addictive combats with smooth controls & mechanics

Another feature in the game that most of you would find interesting is the addictive combats. That being said, apart from the quality shadow art style, gamers in League of Stickman will also have the access to lớn the smooth & convenient controls in the game.

Here, you’ll find yourself completely không tính tiền to move around the maps searching for a tactical spot khổng lồ hold down the enemies. In addition, the 4 different skill buttons will allow you unleash your attacks simultaneously thanks khổng lồ their low cool down.

Challenge online gamers in the epic world leaderboards

Those who wish lớn become the world’s greatest stickman fighter will definitely find the leaderboards quite interesting. Here, you can find yourself competing in epic leaderboards for friends or gamers from all over the world.

Compete & earn your high scores lớn earn your bragging rights. Defeat all your opponents to lớn claim the title of Champion.

Multiple challenges và events khổng lồ complete

And along with the available trò chơi modes, you’re also allowed to lớn pick up a certain amounts of challenges and events each day. The higher your level the tougher the jobs will get, và of course, more bountiful loots. So don’t you hesitate to take part in these challenges since they’ll bring you no harm.

Free to lớn play

And despite all the exciting features, League of Stickman is currently không lấy phí on Google Play Store. Thus, you’re allowed to tải về and install the game on your smartphone devices without having to lớn pay anything.

Experience miễn phí Shopping with our mod

However, if you wish lớn make the trò chơi a little easier và more comfortable, then you would definitely find your modified version of the trò chơi interesting. That being said, all you need to vị is to download our League of Stickman Mod game android from our website. Once it’s installed, you’ll have the in-game store completely unlock. Feel không lấy phí to purchases whatever you like for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


With a unique art style, League of Stickman introduces gamers to lớn the epic fights where they experience stunning visual effects và smooth mechanics during the combats. & most importantly, since it features only darkened stick figures, the game is relatively playable even on the low-end devices.


Feel không tính phí to kiểm tra your epic combat skills in League of Stick man while smashing the opponent with your powerful attacks. The realistic sound effects và impactful soundtracks will keep you hooked to the trò chơi for hours on end.

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For the hardcore RPG fans, the trò chơi is definitely a great title for you to lớn enjoy whenever you’re ready. Pick up multiple heroes, màn chơi them up as you go, give them powerful equipment, và of course, find yourself facing waves of enemies.

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