Create videos that engage & impress.'s drag-and-drop editing tools & visual effects make it easy. No training or experience necessary.

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1. Drag & drop your mediaEasily upload from your computer or import from cloud storage. Fill in any blanks with our Getty Images stock library, or built-in screen recorder.

2. Apply your brand and customize

Save your colors, font, & logo và apply them khổng lồ your videos in just a click. Then địa chỉ attention-grabbing effects, animations, & transitions.

3. Collect feedback

No more juggling messy e-mail threads & contradictory comments. Invite anyone to địa chỉ cửa hàng time-stamped comments to lớn your video. Reply và implement feedback right from your video clip editing workspace.

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4. Tóm tắt your way

Download your videos in 1080p or nội dung directly from with integrated social sharing, embedding, and thư điện tử tools.



FOUNDER, NEST HOMEWARE“Running our video on Facebook and Instagram not only increased awareness of the Nest brand, but we also made 4x our usual online sales.”

SR. DIRECTOR, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION “Our đoạn phim was a quick way for us lớn let our audience know about our event, và show them how simple it was khổng lồ register or donate. Plus, we can easily adjust our đoạn clip so they work on all platforms. A true time-saver.”

REAL ESTATE AGENT, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY “ helps me khổng lồ build a stronger brand in the competitive real estate marketplace, and their real estate templates make it easy for me to create listings videos & virtual tours.”

As you get started making videos, we're here to help along the way! Join other businesses just lượt thích yours in the Social video Marketing Community on Facebook. Our team of đoạn phim experts is ready khổng lồ help you grow with tips, ideas, inspiration, và feedback on your videos. You can also reach our dedicated Customer team directly at help