(If you need LabVIEW help and want khổng lồ know what your options are, kiểm tra out LabVIEW Help – What are my options?. If you’re looking for why you might consider using LabVIEW, see our article Why use LabVIEW. If you’re just looking for some basics about what LabVIEW is, see What is LabVIEW?)

There are likely some additional corner cases out there, but this covers the vast majority of applications we see at Viewpoint. Historically, LabVIEW has been widely adopted in the automated thử nghiệm realm, essentially becoming the de facto standard in that application space, whereas more recently it’s been gaining traction within the realm of industrial embedded monitoring and control.

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LabVIEW is a software development environment created by National Instruments. Originally it was focused on taking measurements from various lab instruments, but it’s expanded drastically from its inception. Strictly speaking, LabVIEW is not a coding language, it’s a development environment. The language is actually called “G”, but most people refer to LabVIEW as if it’s a language (i.e., most people would say “it’s coded in LabVIEW”).

LabVIEW is graphically-based, meaning you drag around various building blocks & connect them in a data flow architecture. It’s similar khổng lồ drawing a block diagram, except you’re drawing your code, as opposed khổng lồ text-based languages like C# & VHDL where you type out in text what you want the software to do.

What basic functions can LabVIEW perform?

LabVIEW can be used khổng lồ perform a huge number of mathematical and xúc tích functions, including, but certainly not limited to: basic arithmetic, if/then/elseif conditional statements, case statements, FFTs, filtering, PID control loops, etc. There are huge libraries of functions khổng lồ pull from. You can also interface to code developed in other languages, through DLLs. .NET assemblies, và run-time interpreters (e.g., MATLAB), for example.

Another somewhat quality capability that LabVIEW offers is real-time compilation and the ability lớn execute function blocks without requiring development of a chạy thử case. Each LabVIEW function is designed with a user interface so you can interact with your code immediately after you write it.

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Manufacturing kiểm tra systems are used khổng lồ verify your hàng hóa is within spec before it leaves the plant. The main drivers for manufacturing kiểm tra are usually (1) kiểm tra consistency, (2) error reduction (3) throughput improvements and (4) increased reliability/uptime.