Laban Key: Vietnamese Keyboard is a tools ứng dụng developedby Zalo Group.The android has been available since October 2013.Laban Key: Vietnamese Keyboard has been downloaded 10+ milliontimes.

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It's currently not in the top ranks.It"s rated 4.25 out of 5 stars,based on 298,420 ratings.The last update of the app was on June 23, 2023.Laban Key: Vietnamese Keyboard has a nội dung rating"Everyone".Laban Key: Vietnamese Keyboard has an game android download form size of 25678 kb và the latest versionavailableis 23.06.01.Designed for app android version 5.0+.Laban Key: Vietnamese Keyboard is FREE to download.
Laban Key is a Vietnamese keyboard helps you type Vietnamese much faster using Telex input đầu vào method & intelligent word suggestion.
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Jun 23, 2023UpdateVersion 23.06.01Oct 24, 2022UpdateVersion 22.10.1Sep 13, 2022UpdateVersion 22.9.1Aug 23, 2022UpdateVersion 22.8.1Jun 24, 2022UpdateVersion 22.6.1Apr 15, 2022UpdateVersion 22.4.1Mar 11, 2022UpdateVersion 22.3.2Mar 4, 2022UpdateVersion 22.3.1Feb 18, 2022UpdateVersion 22.2.1Jan 21, 2022UpdateVersion 22.1.1Apr 28, 2021UpdateVersion 21.4.1Mar 9, 2021UpdateVersion 21.3.2Feb 1, 2021UpdateVersion 21.2.1Dec 10, 2020UpdateVersion 20.12.1Nov 18, 2020UpdateVersion 20.11.1Oct 26, 2020UpdateVersion 20.10.2Sep 9, 2020UpdateVersion 20.9.1Aug 19, 2020UpdateVersion 20.8.1Jul 22, 2020UpdateVersion 20.7.2Jun 26, 2020UpdateVersion 20.6.2May 25, 2020UpdateVersion 20.5.1Apr 29, 2020UpdateVersion 20.4.2Apr 22, 2020UpdateVersion 20.4.2Mar 31, 2020UpdateVersion 20.4.1Mar 3, 2020UpdateVersion 20.3.1Feb 19, 2020UpdateVersion 20.2.2Jan 14, 2020UpdateVersion 20.1.2Jan 8, 2020UpdateVersion 20.1.1Dec 20, 2019UpdateVersion 19.12.2Nov 22, 2019UpdateVersion 19.11.2Oct 24, 2019UpdateVersion 19.10.1Sep 19, 2019UpdateVersion 19.9.2Sep 6, 2019UpdateVersion 19.9.1Aug 19, 2019UpdateVersion 19.8.2Aug 8, 2019UpdateVersion 19.8.1Jul 8, 2019UpdateVersion 19.7.1.R1Jul 8, 2019UpdateVersion 19.7.1.R1Jul 3, 2019UpdateVersion 19.7.1Jun 21, 2019UpdateVersion 19.6.1.R1Jun 12, 2019UpdateVersion 19.6.1May 30, 2019UpdateVersion 19.5.1May 17, 2019UpdateVersion 4.5.2May 4, 2019UpdateVersion 4.5.1Apr 24, 2019UpdateVersion 4.5-R2Apr 18, 2019UpdateVersion 4.5-R1Apr 11, 2019UpdateVersion 4.5Mar 27, 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.2-R1Mar 14, 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.1-R1Mar 7, 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.1Feb 12, 2019UpdateVersion 4.4-R4View moreView less

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Zalo Group



322B Ly Thuong Kiet, P14, Q10, Ho đưa ra Minh City, Vietnam

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