KMSpico: If you are looking for the best tool to activate your Windows & Office as well? Then you should download & Install KMSpico as it is one of the best tools that everyone should have. In this article, I am going lớn tell you everything about this fantastic tool, & even though I will also tell you if this is safe khổng lồ use or not.

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In this case, don’t forget khổng lồ read this article till the kết thúc so you don’t miss any of the important information. This guide is for both beginners as well as experts as I came up with some of the rumours that are spreading throughout the internet.

Perhaps before we move towards downloading or installing a section we have khổng lồ first understand this tool. You should kiểm tra out the below guide on this tool and how it works, if you already know about it then you can move lớn another section.

Please Take a Note:
This website is only for educational purpose & we never encourage users khổng lồ pirate software. Our main goal is khổng lồ teach others about this tool so if you are using it then use it at your own risk we are not responsible for anything.

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What is KMSPico?

KMPico is a tool that is used to activate or get a license for Microsft Windows as well as for MS Office. It is developed by one of the most famous developers named Team Daz. However, it is completely free to use there is no need to purchase it or spend money to tải về it. This works on the principle of Microsft’s feature named Key Management hệ thống a.k.a KMS (KMSPico named derived from it).

The feature is used for vast companies having a lot of machines in their place. In this way, it is hard khổng lồ buy a Windows License for each device and this is the reason why KMS introduced. Now a company has khổng lồ just buy a KMS hệ thống for them and use it at a time they can get a license for all their machines.

However, this tool also works on it, & similarly, it creates a server on your machine & makes it look lượt thích a part of that server. There is one thing different is that this tool only keeps the hàng hóa activated for 180 days. This is the reason why it keeps running on your machine & renews the license keys right after 180 days and makes it a permanent activation.

Feature Of KMSpico

Now we already know what this tool means so let’s just talk about some of the features that you are getting along with KMSPico. Reading this will surely help you to lớn understand if you are downloading the right file or not.

Ok, so here are some of the features that KMSPico provides:

Activate Windows và Office

We have already talked about this earlier as using this tool you will get the installation key for both Microsoft Products. Whether it is Windows or Office you can get a license in no time, however, this supports various versions as well.

Supports Multi-Arch

Since this supports both products it doesn’t mean you have to download separate versions for each arch. One version is enough and then you will be able to lớn get the license for both x32-bit or even for the x64-bit.

It Is không tính phí To Use

There is no doubt that everything developed by Team Daz costs nothing khổng lồ us. Similarly using this tool won’t cost you either as it is completely free. Other than this it doesn’t come with any ads so using it won’t be any trouble after all.

Permanent License

Due lớn the KMS server, this tool installs on our PC, we will get the license key for the rest of our lives. It is because the license automatically renews after a few days. Lớn keep it permanent you have khổng lồ connect your machine lớn the internet once in 180-days.

Virus Free

Now comes the main feature of this tool that makes it famous among others. KMSPico is 100% pure and clean from such viruses or trojans. It is being scanned by the vi khuẩn Total before uploading just in case to lớn be sure it doesn’t harm our visitors.

Download KMSPico Activator

If after reading the precautions regarding this tool if you are ready lớn get it then here is how you can download it from our website. The downloading process is just simple enough but still many people might not aware of it so that’s why this guide will be helpful for them.

download KMSpico 2022Just follow the given below steps to tải về KMSPico on your machine instantly:

First of all, you need khổng lồ click on the Save button that appears top of this guide.2. When you click on it you will see a new Window pop and here you will see the Download Now or Mirror Link button.Download Now is for the Mega hoster while the Mirror links is for the MediaShare hoster.Now click on tải về Now or either click the Mirror link depending on you, so once you click it will again xuất hiện another window.Here you will see the trang web of Mediafire or else Mega (depending on which one you open).Once you mở cửa their website now in Mediafire click on Download and an ad pop-up liên kết appears after this, the download will start.However, for Mega users, you can click on download in the Browser button & wait until it downloads.Now once in Mega, the tool is downloaded it will be then added to the tải về Manager in Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser you are using.

KMSPico is now successfully downloaded & you are done here with it. I would recommend using the IDM lớn boost your downloading. Other than this Mega liên kết would be perfect as it has the fastest servers and has no ads at all.

How khổng lồ Install KMSPico

After following the above guide you surely got succeeded in downloading this tool anyway. Now comes the second part of this guide which is how to lớn install KMSPico. This is not difficult at all but somehow there are some precautions that you need khổng lồ take.

As we know that this tool is used to get hàng hóa keys which means it is not easy to lớn install. That’s the reason why I am writing this guide as well so the newbies don’t face any issues after all.

Ok, so enough talk let’s just kiểm tra out the below steps khổng lồ Install KMSPico:

First of all, we have to lớn disable the Antivirus or Windows Defender in the case lớn install this tool. As I already told earlier that this is restricted from some Antivirus và Windows defenders as it uses to lớn get a license.

For this, you just need khổng lồ right-click on the Antivirus icon on your taskbar and then click Exit, Close, or whatever option you see.

You also need to lớn disable Windows Defender as well, for this mở cửa Start Menu > Search for Windows Defender and select the first option > Now mở cửa Virus & Threat Protection > Then under Virus & Threat Protection Settings click Manage Settings > Next disable Real-Time protection using that switcher.


Once the Antivirus or WD is disabled now go khổng lồ the File Manager và locate the thư mục where you downloaded KMSPico.


Here you will see the zip tệp tin available now using the Windows Archiver or WinRar just extract the file in that folder.


When extracting the Zip file you will be asked lớn enter your password so you can get a password from here and then type that password.


Once the files are extracted a new thư mục will appear & after you open it you will see the KMSPico.exe app there. At this time double click on that exe file or right-click and then click Run as Administrator.


It will then mở cửa a Windows Installer there so just follow all the steps that you see there và install it lượt thích any ordinary software.


Once the installation is finished just click Finish or Close whatever you option see there. That’s it we are done here as well so now you might be wondering regarding the activation. Well! then you should keep reading this guide as in the below guide I will tell you the way to activate Windows using KMSPico.

How khổng lồ Activate Windows Using KMSPico

After the installation process is completed it doesn’t mean that this tool will work on its own. But we still need lớn follow some of the steps to lớn keep it working. However, you can check this guide for complete installation instructions along with the screenshots attached below.

Please make sure to lớn keep your Windows Defender as well as any other Antivirus tool disabled. After this step, you can activate them again so just go and disable them first.

Once you have disabled both things now just need to follow the below steps to activate Windows using the KMSPico:

First right-click on My Computer & then select Properties from the menu to lớn launch system information. Now here kiểm tra the Windows activation & then close it right after.


At this time xuất hiện the Start Menu by clicking on the Windows icon at the taskbar or by pressing the Windows biệu tượng công ty key from the keyboard.


Now look for the KMSPico in the recent section or otherwise tìm kiếm for this term and mở cửa KMSPico instead of AutoKMS (check the below screenshot).


Once the tool is launched you will notice the Windows icon appears at it with only one red button.


You just need to lớn click on that red button & then wait for a while until you hear a sound. After the task is completed you will be notified by sound saying “Program Complete

Now you will notice the Windows biểu tượng logo background turned trắng which means the activation is succeeded. After this, you just need to restart your computer, and once it is done just right-click on the My Computer icon and open properties.

At this time scroll down and check the Windows Activation status there, if it is Activated appears it means you are done here. Other than this if you didn’t see anything then you just need khổng lồ follow all the above steps from the beginning as you may miss some steps.

Perhaps I think you get succeed in it as I have attached the screenshots as well that could help you a little bit. However, this method isn’t working for the Microsoft Office action which means you need to lớn follow the below guide for it.

Activate Microsoft Office With KMS

Above was the guide on how to lớn activate Microsoft Windows using the KMSPico tool. However, the guide is almost the same for the Office as well but there is still something that you need khổng lồ follow. Anyways you can use this guide for various Office versions like 2007, 2010, 2103, 2016, and even 365.

To Activate Microsoft Office with KMSPico you just need lớn follow the given below steps carefully:

1. As I have already mentioned this many times the first step is always to keep your Antivirus disabled and once it’s done let’s move towards the next step.

2. Now you just need to xuất hiện one of the Microsoft Office Products whether it is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or anything of your choice, and then minimize it.

3. After this now you need to open Start Menu from the taskbar.


4. When it is launched & look in the recent section and mở cửa KMSPico otherwise just use the search box khổng lồ type its name and open it.

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5. After the KMSPico tool is launched on your computer you will notice the same single button with the Windows icon but at this time a new icon will appear (the icon for Office).