One year has passed. One year since our family heritage spanning 5 generations & almost 100 years in the roller skating & family entertainment industry pointed us in a direction we never saw coming.

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Thank you for your love and tư vấn this past year, & almost 53 years in all. There aren’t words to adequately describe the outpour of tư vấn and generosity we have felt this last year. So many of you have reached out lớn help us after the devastating fire on September 8, 2020, và it means the world lớn our family. More than words will ever be able to lớn share.

We have certainly experienced all the emotions this last year, and have fought hard for the last 365 days khổng lồ figure out our next steps. After daily calls, emails, meetings, bids, the highs, the deepest of lows, the unexpected, and many “no’s”… it is clear that rebuilding isn’t in the plan right now.

We have cried, fought, và advocated for our Community these last 365 days. It hasn’t been easy. The amount of time spent working with insurance adjusters, lawyers, inspectors, và many in-between, has been a full time job và exhausting to say the least. Right now, in these times which we are called to lớn live, it simply isn’t financially feasible khổng lồ rebuild the Roller Rink with our current resources và options available in our State. Let us be clear, this is NOT a city issue.

If this tragedy had been in pre-covid times, it “might” have been an option, but the unknowns, building costs, restrictions, mandates and more, have made this uphill battle more than we can accomplish. If you know our family personally, you know we are not ones khổng lồ give up.

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It breaks our hearts to lớn have to consider a path other than lớn continue our Family Legacy that has been a staple in this Community for almost 53 years. Our hearts hurt specifically for those in our community who are saddened by the next generation not being able to enjoy what so many have experienced over 52 years.

To the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of birthdays we had the honor of hosting & celebrating over the last 50+ years, the school skate nights, the church skate nights, our amazing tốc độ skating team, to the countless volunteers who have helped us sandbag the rink from the many of floods, to lớn the countless volunteers who helped us re-open after the only time the rink flooded in 1996, lớn the never ending amount of regulars & guests that have visited us over the past 50+ years... THANK YOU. Last but not least... THANK YOU khổng lồ our amazing staff who have helped us serve this community since 1969. We couldn't have become one of the top roller skating facilities in the world without you. You were OUR 2nd family, và the KING Family will never forget you & the great times that we had together. We love you and are forever grateful.

As the community và the entire KING Family continues lớn grieve this loss, we want lớn thank you for your patience, your love, và continued patronage of our Mini Golf Park which has helped tư vấn what is left of our family business during this difficult time. We plan khổng lồ keep our Mini Golf Park open as long as we can as we navigate the next step in this difficult season.

As we pivot in these trying times, our hope as a family is to continue to serve our community at the highest levels through many different avenues lượt thích helping individuals và families achieve the