Today at the Jakarta Fair*, Heavy Industries, Ltd. Is happy to announce as one of its new models for 2013 the “Pulsar 200NS,” a 200cc naked sports mã sản phẩm for the Indonesian market, under the new Bajaj brand.

Bạn đang xem: The kawasaki has worked on the “Pulsar 200NS” with India’s Bajaj (Bajaj tự động Ltd. Of Maharashtra, India) to lớn make a number of improvements for the Indonesian market. Sales are scheduled to lớn start at the kết thúc of July. and Bajaj have had a collaborative relationship since 1985, working together on bike development & sales. In the Indonesian sports xe đạp market, the models with the greatest sales volumes are those 200cc & under. Until now,’s line-up in this category was incomplete. Conversely, Bajaj’s Pulsar 200NS was doing well in the Indian market. Thus, the relationship between và Bajaj was taken lớn the next level. Working closely together, almost 200 improvements were made to the xe đạp to ensure it would measure up lớn’s strict standards for durability và quality. The new Pulsar 200NS is being released under the new “ Bajaj” brand.

Design elements for the new Pulsar 200NS were inspired by the latest European trends. The compact front cowl, and radiator shrouds that blend seamlessly with the fuel tank và flow smoothly lớn the tail section leave a fresh yet powerful impression. The design will meet the needs of a wider range of customers than current models, accommodating even entry-level riders.

This model will be produced at Bajaj’s Chakan Plant in Maharashtra, India. Sales will be made through PT. Motor Indonesia (hereafter KMI), the Indonesian subsidiary of Heavy Industries, Ltd. The model will only be available at KMI’s official dealer network.

* Jakarta Fair: With over 2,000 companies displaying products ranging from durable consumer goods (like motorcycles, automobiles and electric appliances) khổng lồ clothing và foods, this is the largest exhibition in Indonesia. It is being held in the capital city of Jakarta from June 6 through July 7.
Brand Bajaj
Product NamePulsar 200NS
Projected Year-long Sales15,000 units
ColoursPearl Shining Yellow, Passion Red, Ebony



The liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC 2-vavle single-cylinder engine features DTS-i (Digital Triple Sparkplug Ignition). By monitoring throttle position, engine rpm và engine temperature, three spark plugs deliver hot sparks at the ideal timing for efficient combustion and superior fuel efficiency.


A steel, square-tube perimeter frame offers the high rigidity and a mass centralisation for sporty yet stable handling. The frame’s wide, supersport-style spars contribute khổng lồ the bike’s powerful image.


Instrumentation includes a large, easy-to-read analogue-style tachometer & a multi-function LCD screen. The handle switch boxes feature backlighting, adding convenience và an advanced design. An LED taillight contributes to lớn a high-quality image.

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