With more than 33 games in the Kamen Rider franchise, which games are some of the best in the series so far?


The tokusatsu (“special effects” in Japanese) live-action genre in japan has the Kamen Rider series lớn entertain kids and adults alike with compelling stories starring transforming heroes of the same name. Considered as a cousin franchise lớn the Super Sentai series, which is the original source material of Power Rangers, each Kamen Rider series features villains that threaten the world, a new nhân vật brave enough to conquer the odds và gimmicky transformations that become the basis of various toys and merchandise.

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With more than 33 Kamen Rider series in total, the franchise has spawned spin-off films, team-ups, & even đoạn clip games throughout its tenure. & similar lớn Power Rangersgames, Kamen Rider titles also give players the opportunity to become their favorite Kamen Riders & save the world. However, just which Kamen Rider games are must-plays for fans?

10/10 Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing (2013, Arcade)


Although not necessarily a game playable in consoles, Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing remains one of the most popular games for Kamen Rider fans out there. Running since 2013 as a “sequel” to lớn the Ganbaride line, Ganbarizing is a thẻ game accessible in arcade machines where players are able khổng lồ collect both Rider cards & skill cards of various Types, allowing players lớn perform various attacks và skills throughout the franchise.

Despite being exclusive in Japan, what makes Ganbarizing worthwhile is its replayability. Thanks lớn special IC Cards, players can also create their own Kamen Riders, called Ganbariders, which they can customize khổng lồ have different attacks. Even when using standard Rider cards, these can get bonuses depending on the cards they team up with. Lastly, players are able to save their progress, & continuously get cards with each new Kamen Rider series.


While a lot of Kamen Rider games often revolve around a single series or a crossover of multiple titles, Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez sets itself apart in being a crossover of specifically three series: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider OOO, and Kamen Rider W. Although occurring at an unspecified point in either series’ timeline, Memory of Heroez begins when a disaster befalls the touristy Sector City, where Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider W, và Kamen Rider OOO have khổng lồ team up to lớn discover the identity of the mysterious “Professor Aida,” who is connected lớn the incident.

Unlike other Kamen Rider titles, Memory of Heroez is a third-person perspective with mechanics similar lớn the Battride War series. As such, the trò chơi fully takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware potential, similar to lớn other best games in the console. Players have control of one Kamen Rider and have access to both chainable attacks and specials, with the option of using quality Forms as well as Gadgets lớn further the story. Fans looking for an original Kamen Rider story in a game title would have fun exploring the story of Memory of Heroez.


Despite its nature as a 2d pixelated side-scroller, All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution was a revelation of how innovative a Kamen Rider game could become even on a handheld platform. Set during the story of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the eponymous Kamen Rider wakes up with a being from an organization named as NEVER revealing their plans khổng lồ drain the Kamen Riders of their powers. As such, it’s up khổng lồ Ex-Aid lớn unite the other Kamen Riders lớn stop this nefarious plan from happening.

The game takes most Kamen Riders across almost all eras in the franchise, featuring a whopping cast of 67 Kamen Riders, making this seem like a grand crossover game. As a side-scrolling game, players are encouraged to lớn explore areas to lớn find secrets, all the while being able lớn use their Riders’ respective special skills and Finishers to lớn eliminate threats.


One of the first forays of Kamen Rider in the PS2 is courtesy of Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu (Genealogy of Justice), which acts as one of the earliest crossover titles in the franchise. The trò chơi takes place across some of the earliest Kamen Rider titles, where Kamen Rider 1 is faced with a quái dị that can travel through time, and he has to meet with other Kamen Riders - specifically V3, Black, và Agito - to stop this threat.

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Despite its age, Seigi no Keifu remains iconic for both its dark tone & rather unique gameplay, especially for its rather forgotten crossover premise. Its story alone has a darker turn compared to other future Kamen Rider titles, primarily due to lớn the inclusion of the more mature parts of the storylines of earlier Kamen Rider series. More interesting is the game’s choice of perspective, choosing a mix camera perspective a la Resident Evil, where characters get into set locations where enemies & traps may suddenly appear that prompt players to fight or even transform.

Fans of Kamen Rider who loved the card-based thrills of Kamen Rider Ryuki may appreciate the playing card theme of Kamen Rider Blade. In the series, four Riders eventually hold the fate of the world in their hands as they are tasked lớn “seal” Undead before they wreak havoc. However, as Kamen Riders, they are also able to use the powers of these Undead to lớn defend the world, & sometimes even each other.

The trò chơi tries lớn evolve the concept of Kamen Rider Ryuki’s game play of card-based mechanics with the series’ own spin on the concept. Whereas Ryuki only allowed players to lớn use one special skill thẻ at the time, Blade’s constantly shuffles cards into the player’s arsenal, be it only one thẻ or a combination of cards, much like in Red Dead Redemption’s card-based ability system. Players can only use these cards if they press certain buttons during a particular time frame & outside the enemy’s attack range, adding an element of strategy & timing.

What better Kamen Rider series to lớn feature as a trò chơi than the one that actually takes place in a battle to lớn the death? In a world where individuals become Kamen Riders to put their lives at stake in the Mirror World for the sake of their greatest desire, Kamen Rider Ryuki for the PS1 was a faithful recreation of its story in the size of a straightforward card game.

Featuring all 13 Riders from the main story, Kamen Rider Ryuki features a standard fare of combo-based attacks. However, what sets the trò chơi apart is a slight ARG component, where players can only use special attacks based on the cards handed lớn them, the set of which depends on the said Rider’s Advent Deck. Due to lớn the “similar” nature of thẻ classes, some characters bởi have default versions of special attacks, such as quái nhân summons (Advents), weapons (Strike/Sword, etc.), shields (Guards), specials (Uniques) và Rider Finishers (Final Vent).

It’s one thing for a Kamen Rider series khổng lồ feature multiple Riders, và another thing entirely to have these Riders frequently fight each other in flashy combat. One such example of a series is Kamen Rider Kabuto, whose near-apocalyptic setting of Kamen Riders protecting the world against the alien Worms serves as an excellent backdrop of said Riders using their powers for their own gain.

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What perhaps sets Kamen Rider Kabuto apart from other games is its multiple chơi game modes, with multiple story routes existing outside the original Kabuto storyline as well as playing as Worms. Aside from playing like a usual beat ‘em up with both single-player & co-op options, levels are interspersed with quái dị battles that occur on a segment of the bản đồ akin to lớn a typical fighting game. Each Kamen Rider has access to their Cast-Off modes, a combo-juggling Clock Up, and signature Rider Finishers. Unlike other Kamen Rider titles, Kabuto has aged well, especially with its fluid game play and faithfulness to lớn the source material.

Players looking for a nostalgic take on the Kamen Rider crossover series may get interested in trying out Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes. Despite being on rather older Wii và PSP platforms, the trò chơi does a superb job giving players a comprehensive take on a modern Kamen Rider title. Compared khổng lồ the arena fighter premise of other games, Super Climax Heroes is a straightforward 3 chiều fighter, much like Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which may pique the interest of fighting game fans.

The trò chơi itself features all Heisei-era Riders until Kamen Rider Wizard, alongside most of their signature moves, forms, & even Finishers. This makes Super Climax Heroes a great look into the chơi game formula prior to the roaming 3d fighter setup of future games.

Serving as the third installment of the crossover Battride War series, Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis is the biggest trò chơi of the franchise just yet. Serving as a celebration of the franchise's 45th Anniversary, dimension-hopping Kamen Rider Den-O joins newcomer Kamen Rider Ghost in restoring the memories of the first Kamen Riders during their first episodes. If they fail, an old enemy may resurface và just destroy the world as they know it.

Similar lớn other Battride War games, Battride War Genesis is known to feature both primary & secondary Riders of the series they include, making this an interesting crossover experience. Not only that, but the trò chơi paves the way for each Rider to lớn showcase what they could pull off in vast beat ‘em up environments, set in each of their series’ first episode but also weaved into their own narratives. Fans who want lớn get into Kamen Rider may want khổng lồ start with this title, as it immediately features Riders from around 20 Kamen Rider series.

Players looking for a standard arena fighter in modern platforms would appreciate a mobile experience via Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble Zi-O. Serving as the seventh entry in the Climax fighting game series and the sequel lớn the Climax Fighters reboot, Climax Scramble Zi-O takes players on a time-travelling journey as Kamen Riders Zi-O và Geiz try to lớn stop a supposedly-evil Kamen Rider Build and Cross-Z from committing inter-dimensional destruction.

Unlike other Kamen Rider games, Climax Scramble Zi-O performs as a standard fighter, with the usual fare of normal attacks that string into combos as well as signature attacks và even form changes. Combined with the fact that this 20th Anniversary trò chơi also features all Heisei-era Riders beginning from Kamen Rider black all the way lớn Zi-O, this trò chơi is a must-play for fans who want lớn stay as up lớn date as possible with the franchise & experience playing a crossover title.

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Kamen Rider Geats is an upcoming Kamen Rider series to lớn be released in 2022. Set in a battle royale called “Desire Grand Prix,” players equip “Desire Drivers” lớn become Kamen Riders và protect the world from Jamato.