In order to check Find my iPhoneiCloud status use our không tính tiền iPhone IMEI checker. We recommend lớn verify FMI Activation lock is disabled before purchasing táo bị cắn device.
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Hide IMEI digits if needed.

Dial *#06# khổng lồ see the IMEI number on the screen

IMEI is a unique number assigned lớn your phone. This identifier is used while reporting the phone as lost or stolen in order to lớn block the device.

Enter IMEI lớn the field above

Do not forget khổng lồ pass a captcha test. & then just click the button in order to kiểm tra IMEI in the international database.

Verify that the IMEI is CLEAN và the phone is not blacklisted

Now you can be sure whether the ESN is bad or clean. Note that blacklisted phones can not be used with most thiết bị di động operators.


kiểm tra if the phone has been reported as lost/stolen anywhere in the world. Our IMEI checker has about 99.9% accuracy. Almost all countries & mobile operators are supported (including USA, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, Japan, Australia, trung quốc etc.) All manufacturers & phone models are supported. You are able lớn check any IMEI - iPhone / Samsung / htc / LG / hãng nokia / Lenovo / Huawei etc. If you are going to buy a used phone, make sure that it has not been reported khổng lồ the police as LOST/STOLEN & the IMEI number is not blacklisted. Phone with barred IMEI number can be blocked by your smartphone carrier.
chú ý that you are able to file a claim regarding missing phone in case your mobile device has been LOST or STOLEN. Use our free online IMEI reporting facility in order lớn place IMEI number khổng lồ worldwide blacklist database & increase the chances of missing device being identified & returned. Just complete the online form và make lost phone being searchable worldwide.
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Generate IMEI check report

Create a permanent liên kết to this IMEI kiểm tra report.Click "Generate" button, then copy và paste the generated link to your listing on Ebay, Craigslist or anywhere else.This will attract more potential buyers và will help you khổng lồ sell your device quicker. You are able to hide last digits of IMEI number as well.

Report for IMEI:


Share full IMEI number or hide last digits of the IMEI number if needed. In case you hide digits of the IMEI number, no one can find out the full IMEI.

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That"s why sharing our check report is totally safe.