Apple"s 2019 update khổng lồ the iPod touch was an unexpected one; it updated a sản phẩm some of us thought was just about to lớn go the way of the dinosaur. Though rumors had been circling for months, I for one, didn"t put much stock in it because, well ... Why?

Low & behold though, on May 28 of 2019, just a week after táo apple updated the laptop macbook Pro, it added the iPod touch 7 khổng lồ the roster. With nothing but a processor bump & larger storage capacity (Our former EIC Rene"s minimalist review is: "Now with A10 & 256GB of storage), the real question becomes, who is this for?

After putting it through its paces, I can definitely say that apple has made a smart move here, launching an updated, but still basic iPod cảm ứng that can serve as a dedicated device for those of us already in the hãng apple ecosystem and a gateway device for those who want to lớn try out Apple"s services but don"t want to lớn pay the premium for an iPhone or iPad.

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iPod cảm biến 7: Price và availability

Apple iPod touch (7th Gen) was released in May of 2019 and was the last iPod released by Apple. You can still buy an iPod cảm ứng (7th Gen) renewed on Amazon for $288 or Walmart starting at $199 depending on the màu sắc you choose. You also might find one on Best Buy"s site starting at $199 depending on color; pending your location.

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

The iPod cảm ứng first launched in 2007, the same year as the first iPhone. Back then, the iPod was Apple"s most popular product and the iPod touch revolutionized the digital music industry (and subsequently put other MP3 players out of business). In October of 2012, the iPod touch received a design overhaul that gave us the overall look that we see today (sans the lanyard hook). That was the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Back in 2012, the iPhone và iPod cảm biến were practically neck-in-neck in terms of specs. The iPhone always won out with a better camera & a more advanced processor chip (by one generation), but you could legitimately make side-by-side comparisons of the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch và it would make sense.

In 2015, when táo updated the iPod cảm biến again, things had changed significantly for táo khuyết in terms of its iPhone lineup. The iPhone 6s & 6s Plus were Apple"s flagship devices with touch ID, a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, 4K đoạn clip recording, và a lot of big improvements. The iPod cảm biến didn"t have any biometric login (still doesn"t), didn"t support 4K đoạn phim (still doesn"t), & had an 8MP rear camera & paltry 1.2MP front-facing camera (still does). You can see how the gap in technology grew over those three short years.

Why get an iPod touch when you can get an iPhone?

More & more, people were asking the question of why would someone want an iPod cảm biến when they can get an iPhone? Even an máy tính bảng ipad out performs an iPod touch, và has a much bigger screen.

Fast forward to 2019 và we"re looking at an iPod cảm ứng that is essentially the same kiến thiết as the one from 2012 with nearly all the same specs as the one from năm ngoái with the only change being that it now has an A10 processor chip, so it supports augmented reality (AR) và you can get it in as much as 256GB storage. So we"re again faced with the question of why would anyone want an iPod cảm biến when they can get an iPhone?

iPod cảm ứng 7: What I like

iPod touch (7th gen) (Image credit: Lory Gil)

iPod touch 7: A dedicated music listening device

When it comes khổng lồ music listening, downloading or streaming, the iPod cảm ứng 7 is pretty much exactly the same as its predecessor. You"re not getting a new or better listening experience. The công nghệ bluetooth không dây connection is the same. The speakers are the same. If you have never owned an iPod touch, or like me, your last iPod touch is still running ios 6 & doesn"t even tư vấn Apple Music, a new iPod touch is a great investment.

My personal favorite use for the iPod cảm biến is as a dedicated music player. I love loading up playlists & bringing them with me khổng lồ parties, backyard BBQ, and camping trips. What I don"t love is when my iPhone becomes the jukebox for the evening. It"s especially bothersome when other people want lớn play songs on my iPhone. I love that they want lớn play different music. I don"t love that my iPhone is the instrument. What about text messages? What about the various notifications I have phối up? With a dedicated music player, I don"t have to worry about any of that.

Most important; I don"t have lớn worry about running out of battery life on my iPhone, which is much more important after the các buổi tiệc nhỏ is over và I"m trying to get a ride home, or when I"m camping và every ounce of juice is needed for mapping my return trip.

I really like using my iPod cảm biến 7 as a dedicated music player.

Using the iPod cảm ứng as a dedicated music player also means that I can nội dung with my significant other. We have varying tastes in music and preferred services. I use táo bị cắn dở Music, he uses Spotify. I can stream my favorite playlists và albums on táo khuyết Music and it won"t affect his over of year tuy vậy list in Spotify. He can create his perfect road trip playlist in Spotify và I won"t get recommendations for genres I"m not interested in.

If the iPod touch isn"t being used for anything but music, I can also pair it with whichever speaker I want and never have lớn unpair it to use a different speaker or headphones. I can set it up in one place in the house (or backyard) & never have to change that setup.

Similarly, I can do the same thing in the car. Download all the music, podcasts, và audiobooks I want while on Wi-Fi, và then drop my iPod cảm ứng in the car and I"ve got a world of entertainment at my fingertips. I don"t have to reconnect my iPhone every time I get into the car. The iPod touch is always there. Plus, when I need my iPhone for navigation, I don"t have to worry about it interrupting my listening experience.

iPod cảm biến 7: A tiny movie theater in your pocket

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

Movies, TV shows, documentaries, YouTube videos, you can watch it all on the iPod touch. For being such a small screen, it looks pretty fantastic. No, I"m not suggesting we all throw our 5K monitors in the garbage, but if you"re stuck at a boring seminar, hiding from the family on Thanksgiving, or just want to lớn show your buddy the latest Fail videos, the iPod cảm biến is a nice little media player.

And, again, as a dedicated device, you can download all the movies và TV shows you can fit with the storage you have & go off the grid with it. Bring it to lớn your khách sạn with a proper HDMI connector và you don"t have lớn worry about whether the internet is going to work well enough to lớn let you watch movies all night long.

When TV+ comes out later this fall, I would not turn my nose up at watching Apple"s exclusive nội dung on the iPod touch, even with such a small screen. It"s not ideal, but it"s totally doable.

iPod cảm biến 7: An ios device for the non-Apple people

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

For anyone looking lớn get into the apple ecosystem that doesn"t already own an iPhone or iPad, the iPod touch 7 is a great first-timer"s experience. It runs the latest iOS, supports all of Apple"s services, và has all the same connection features that you need (like Bluetooth & AirPlay support).

For anyone looking khổng lồ get into the táo ecosystem that doesn"t already own an iPhone or iPad, the iPod cảm biến 7 is a great first-timer"s experience.

It doesn"t have cellular support, so you can"t use your phone number to call people (unless you do have an iPhone, in which case, you can use it to make & receive calls when your iPhone and iPod cảm ứng are on the same Wi-Fi network using Continuity). You can, however, use the Messages phầm mềm with your apple ID khổng lồ send và receive iMessages, including using tap backs, screen effects, & bubble effects. For app android users, this is a great way khổng lồ participate in the phenomenon that is Messages without having lớn switch.

Using various social apps lượt thích Skype or WhatsApp, you can essentially use an iPod touch lượt thích a phone for all intents và purposes. You just have to be on a Wi-Fi network to vày so. If you"re tired of paying that high monthly cellular + data bill for your phone, maybe it"s time khổng lồ switch off & just use an iPod cảm biến instead. It would take some working around và you"d be without an internet connection when you"re on the road, but it"s doable ... If you"re willing to lớn try.

iPod cảm ứng 7: Long live the four-inch khung factor!

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

It"s not secret that I"m a fan of the four-inch form factor. I love the iPhone SE. It"s a perfect fit for my hands & my pocket. The iPod cảm biến is the exact same width and height, and is even thinner (nearly half the thickness) as the iPhone SE. So tiny. So cute.

I"ll admit, after two years of the iPhone X và iPhone XS screen size, that four-inch screen does seem pretty small, though. If I"m playing games like Pokémon GO or checking my email on the road, I lượt thích the larger screen real estate that the iPhone XS provides.

Which is why I think a four-inch screen is the perfect form size for the iPod touch. I want to stream music, podcasts, & audiobooks from it và don"t need a big screen to vị that.

iPod touch 7: Performance

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

I wouldn"t be properly reviewing a device if I didn"t mention the overall performance, including battery life, and system speed.

Everything on the iPod cảm biến 7 works as you"d expect it to. Apps and games load fast. A couple of apps crashed when I launched them, but that happened right after I got it, so it may have been due khổng lồ the heavy processor use installing all that nội dung on a new device. The battery lasts a decently long time. I didn"t run it for 40 hours straight, but I did run it for about 8 hours straight, listening lớn music, & the battery percentage only dropped by about a quarter.

iPod cảm biến 7: What I don"t like

iPod touch 7 gaming (Image credit: Lory Gil)

iPod cảm ứng 7: As a dedicated gaming console

With iPod cảm biến 7, táo bị cắn dở improved the processor chip to the A10, & thus improved the gaming experience significantly. Logically, you would think this means that gaming on the iPod cảm biến is fantastic now. Well... Not as fantastic as you"d think.

It"s better, to be sure. The A10 Fusion cpu is much faster than the A8 chip of the iPod cảm ứng 6. According to Apple, up lớn 2x faster performance and up khổng lồ 3x better graphics.

I tested the iPod cảm ứng 7 with a handful of different games intended lớn push it khổng lồ its limits.

Fortnite, the game everyone wants khổng lồ know whether it works on iPod cảm ứng 7, does, indeed work on iPod cảm biến 7. It runs smooth, has no lag, và never drops connection. That being said, it really doesn"t look as good as playing it on the iPhone XS. It"s lượt thích there"s a matte filter across the screen. Everything is just a little flatter and stripped down.

CSR Racing, a game that"s known for its incredibly detailed realism in graphics, plays like its riding on rails on the iPod cảm ứng (did you get my Pretty Woman reference there?). How it looks, however, isn"t quite so smooth. It"s not bad or ugly, it"s just not as good as the amazing graphics on the iPhone XS. It"s lượt thích we stepped back in time, graphically, khổng lồ about 2017.

Games like Fortnite và CSR Racing just don"t look as good on my iPod cảm biến 7 as they do on my iPhone.

Thanks khổng lồ the new A10 Fusion chip, iPod touch 7 is now capable of doing augmented reality (AR) games. These are the best AR games for iPod cảm ứng 7.

I installed Lego AR Playgrounds lớn see what the iPod cảm biến could do. Once I was able to lớn scan and find a flat surface (which took way longer than I think it should have), the trò chơi was afoot! Though the screen is a little small for AR, the overall device form size is much better for AR games. It"s lightweight và easy to move around with one hand. I don"t know if you"ve ever seen anyone trying lớn play AR games on an iPad, but it"s an awkward experience.

That being said, when táo apple Arcade launches, graphics-intense games may not be an issue. There are hundreds & hundreds of beautiful mobile games, like Alto"s Odyssey, Lumino City, Monument Vally (1 & 2), and more that look great on the iPod touch 7 & play great, too.

Even though Apple"s biggest improvement to the iPod cảm ứng in 2019 is its processor performance, which is obviously geared toward gaming, the iPod touch fails to lớn impress me as a dedicated gaming device.

What it all comes down khổng lồ is, the iPod touch 7 is not the new mobile gaming console we"ve all been waiting for.

iPod touch: As a camera

The camera isn"t anything to get excited about. The rear-facing camera performs really well in natural sunlight. Clear, crisp images. In the dark, it"s pretty noisy. The FaceTime camera is ... OK. It"s a bit grainy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. You won"t want to lớn blow up your selfies for a billboard ad, but they"re good enough for the social truyền thông media needs. It"s interesting lớn go back to lớn a selfie cam that doesn"t smooth out your features at all. My face isn"t as clear as I thought.

iPod cảm biến 7: The competition

iPod (Image credit: Lory Gil)

If you already have the sixth-generation iPod touch, it"s not likely that you"re going lớn find the processor upgrade to lớn be enough lớn buy a new one. The point of the faster processor is to lớn play games that the iPod cảm biến 6 can"t handle, but I don"t think they look that good on the iPod cảm biến 7 compared khổng lồ an iPhone XS, and so don"t think the one major upgrade is worth moving from the sixth-generation khổng lồ the seventh.

The only other significant change is that the iPod touch 7 storage capacity goes to lớn 256GB, which is pretty darn big if the only thing you"re using it for is truyền thông media and entertainment. The iPhone XS, however, goes lớn 512GB, so you can double your storage và save half of it just for movies, music, and games if you wanted and have the better screen và graphics processor.

iPod cảm biến 7: Should you buy it?

(Image credit: Lory Gil)

You should buy this if...

You want a dedicated music deviceYou"re an game android user that wants iOSYou want a portable mini movie playerYou want something kid-friendly

You shouldn"t buy this if...

You want Face ID/Touch IDYou want more than 256GB of storageCellular connectivityApple Watch connectivity4K video recordingA 12 MP cameraPortrait ModeDedicated gaming

The most obvious reason khổng lồ get an iPod cảm biến is that it"s is a great starter device for kids. Parents can invest a minimal amount of money to get what is essentially an iPhone without cellular capability (or a tiny iPad, if you prefer). The starting price of an iPod cảm ứng is $199, so it"s less burdensome on the pocketbook than any other táo devices.

Your kids can load up whatever music they want (that you"ve approved), what ever games they lượt thích (that you"ve agreed to), & whatever streaming movie & TV service you"re signed up with (after they"ve finished their homework). Thanks lớn Screen Time và improved parental controls, you can also lock down this iPod touch và monitor it from your iPhone. More freedom for the little ones, less annoyances for you ("Mom, can I play with your iPhone while we"re out khổng lồ dinner?").

Another obvious demographic is apk users. We all want to see if the grass is greener on the other side, and Apple wants lớn convince app android users lớn switch. An iPod touch lets android users have a low-cost gadget that will allow them lớn play in the táo khuyết playground without having to lớn switch. I own an game android tablet that I bought specifically because it was inexpensive enough for me to feel OK buying, even though I knew it wouldn"t be something I used every day ... Or even every week.

With Apple"s recent push khổng lồ sell its services, this is an ideal way to lớn shore up its user base for things like TV+, táo apple Music, & Apple Arcade. The latter, I think, is the main reason táo bị cắn dở updated the iPod touch. The năm ngoái iPod cảm biến specs were perfectly acceptable for streaming táo Music or reading News+ (though it"s a pretty small screen for those magazines lớn fit on). The A10 processor cpu means it now supports AR apps và games, something apple has been bullish on for the past few years. Táo bị cắn is trying khổng lồ sell its services and wants android users. The iPod touch can make that possible.

But those aren"t the only people that the iPod cảm biến is for.

People with low or no vision have long been champions of the iPod cảm ứng because it"s a low-cost screen reader. Thanks to lớn the robust accessibility features, you can use VoiceOver to read the news, your favorite blog posts, and a lot more. With display accommodations, you can adjust the way things look on the screen, like inverting colors and setting filters for màu sắc blindness. The Zoom feature on ios magnifies things up to lớn 1500 percent, so you can read certain things without having khổng lồ pinch-to-zoom the whole screen. The magnifier is another incredible feature that, when used in conjunction with display accommodations, provides an advanced magnifying reader that can help with non-digital reading. The iPod cảm biến can bởi vì all of this và its much less expensive than buying an iPhone or iPad.

Coders can take advantage of the low price tag on the iPod touch. If you"re looking for a developer device, but can"t afford one of Apple"s more expensive products, $199 starts khổng lồ look really good. Schools can buy them in bulk & use them as learning tools for students for coding, too.

The iPod cảm biến is worth buying, even if you already own an iPhone.

I"ve heard a lot of people say that the iPod cảm ứng is obsolete và isn"t worth buying if you already have a smart phone. I used lớn think the same way. My most recent iPod cảm biến is from 2010 and I haven"t touched it since about 2012 (until today when I booted it up khổng lồ see what it"s like). With the iPod cảm biến 7, I can see a whole các mục of possibilities, all of them based on the idea that this is a dedicated device, meaning you can use it for one thing and one thing only, if you so choose.

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Ways to utilize your iPod touch 7:

Download a bunch of games you wouldn"t have put on your iPhone for space-saving reasons. It"s like a mobile game console, although the games won"t look as good as they bởi on your iPhone.Stock up on downloaded music. This can be used at backyard barbecues where you can play music all night without worrying about running out of batteries on your iPhone.Leave it in the car. As a dedicated music player plus a device for gaming on the go, this things got it all and you don"t have to keep it with you at all times lượt thích you might with your iPhone.Bring it on a jog or to lớn the gym. You can leave your iPhone at home, or at least in your gym bag, & still have the use of your entertainment apps. This is especially nice for people that don"t already own an hãng apple Watch.Download audio books và podcasts. If you"re headed on a long road trip, this can be your one-stop cửa hàng for music, podcasts, và audio books & you don"t have to giảm giá with your navigation apps affecting your experience.Connect it to your speakers at work và pipe in your favorite tunes. Don"t worry about taking it trang chủ at night. It"s the work iPod!Want to set up a dedicated iMessage app so you can chat with grandma or the grandkids? You can sign in with a separate táo bị cắn dở ID from what you have on your iPhone & this becomes a special communications device.

A worthy investment