With over 35 years of experience recovering data for táo products, DriveSavers Data Recovery is a trusted leader in recovering data for all táo bị cắn products. DriveSavers was the first lớn perform iPhone data recovery successfully và routinely recover data from quả táo devices when others might deem them lost forever. Call now khổng lồ begin the data recovery process.

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With more than 35 years of experience, DriveSavers is a trusted leader in recovering data for apple products, including all Mac computers, crashed, crushed or drowned iPhones, iPads, và any iPod version, including the iPod Touch. Data Recovery Advisors are available to directly help set up your data recovery service should data loss occur.Mike Cobb – Director of Engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery


Trust the professionals at DriveSavers! If you have lost critical data, the first recovery attempt offers your best opportunity for success. Looking for phone recovery for iPhone? DriveSavers has the technology, security & experience required to get your data back. Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, NASA, AT&T and many others.


Need data recovery on iPhone? DriveSavers was the first data recovery lab to lớn successfully perform an iPhone data recovery after the phone was first introduced khổng lồ the market. Our data recovery engineers have extensive experience performing data recovery for iPhone on any devices that have suffered common or catastrophic data loss. We can successfully perform iPhone data recovery và iPhone file recovery on the flash truyền thông found on these devices. DriveSavers is apple iphone data recovery (and iPad!) experts và routinely recover data from ios devices when others might deem them lost forever. We also provide data recovery for all Mac computers. The bottom line is we don’t just perform iPhone recovery—we have all your táo products covered!

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Whether you need iPhone contacts or have lost irreplaceable pictures, every data loss situation is unique. The improper use of data recovery software could put your data at risk. DriveSavers has developed proprietary hardware and data recovery software that allows us khổng lồ deliver custom recovery solutions for every data loss scenario, including:

Logical ProblemsDeletionsReformattingInfectionCorruptionLost Password
Physical DamageDead BatteryBroken MediaDroppedCrushedWater Damage
Natural DisastersFireFloodHurricaneTornadoEarthquake

Error 14 & 1110

Error 14 và Error 1110 on an iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad means that your device’s memory is full. 

Attempts are often made by iPhone users to restore the device via iTunes. However, this is only useful if the data is already backed up on iCloud. If a current back-up does not exist on iCloud, attempting khổng lồ use iTunes lớn restore the data that exists only on the iPhone will render the data on the iPhone non-recoverable và will be gone forever.

Utilizing proprietary technology và techniques khổng lồ recover data from quả táo devices, DriveSavers offers the first-of-its-kind service exclusively khổng lồ consumers who have lost irreplaceable data on their bricked và boot looping devices that have been locked out after attempting an operating system update with insufficient space left on their device.

If you have irreplaceable data such as photos, text messages, or contacts, on an ios device experiencing Error 14 or 1110, call DriveSavers Data Recovery today for a miễn phí evaluation of your device at +1.800.440.1904.

Don’t have a current iCloud or iTunes backup?

Data recovery for iPhone—and all your ios devices—isn’t a problem. We can retrieve or restore treasured family photos & lost iTunes library data from all your game ios devices including iPhone, iPad, và iPod.

Avoid using commercial data recovery software or an iPhone recovery tool that can further damage your quả táo device và even make it unrecoverable.

Fast, Reliable, Secure

DriveSavers offers every photographer and videographer, professional or amateur, an extensive các mục of benefits including:

Fastest Standard Turnaround Time in the industry at 24 to 48 hoursImmediate phone access to experienced Data Recovery Advisors 7 days per weekService options to meet every needExpert recoveries on SD Cards, CompactFlash cards, Microdrives, TransFlash and xD memory cards, Sony Memory Sticks, SmartMedia & more.Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom provides particle-free and static-free environment to lớn safely perform complex microsurgery on tiny, sensitive components

Certified Secure

We are the only data recovery company in the world that post proof that we are inspected annually và meet the audit criteria for SOC 2 Type II, the corporate industry’s standard for overall control structure. Every iPhone data recovery process adheres to the highest data security protocols.

By posting proof that DriveSavers undergoes a company-wide phân tích và đo lường on an annual basis, we differentiate ourselves from all other data recovery service providers in the industry today. This phân tích và đo lường verifies our adherence lớn privacy terms và our qualifications to handle enterprise-class recoveries, and tư vấn those customers who must maintain compliance with data privacy và data security regulations such as:

NIST (National Institute of Standards và Technology) SP 800.34 (Rev.1)HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999)


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take?DriveSavers offers a range of turnaround times lớn best suit your needs for getting your recovered data back to lớn you in a timely và economical manner.

Priority ServiceTime Critical Recovery; Recovery begins upon receipt of drive – 365 days a year, including nights, weekends, và holidays.

Standard Service1-2 Business Day Turnaround; Fastest Standard turnaround time in the industry, at 24 khổng lồ 48 hours during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Economy Service5-7 Business Day Turnaround; An economical service option offering job completion during normal business hours.10-14 Business Day Turnaround; Smart Devices

Do you offer a remote data recovery service?In certain situations, DriveSavers provides unparalleled remote data recovery service for data loss situations that do not involve mechanical or physical damage. It is an ideal recovery option for RAID, NAS, & SAN systems, hardware too large to lớn ship (i.e. Large servers), and for highly sensitive data that needs to lớn stay on-premises.

Will it change/ruin my warranty? (i.e. Apple, Samsung, etc.)All data recoveries are performed in accordance with standards phối by leading hard drive & data storage manufacturers. All leading manufacturers authorize DriveSavers to mở cửa sealed drive mechanisms; our data recovery process will not void their original warranty.

How vì you return my data, what does it look like?The recovered data is transferred onto a new storage device and shipped back khổng lồ you along with the original device via FedEx. Your package will include easy-to-follow instructions and link to support videos on how to reviews and back up your recovered data.

Will my data be at risk?Your data is never compromised. An exact copy of the original data on the source drive is made; all recovery attempts are done on the copy.

DriveSavers provides the highest màn chơi of data security in the data recovery industry today và is the only data recovery company in the industry today lớn post proof of annual, company-wide security audits.

The security control objectives established for our annual audit are designed to lớn satisfy the stringent security requirements and audits mandated by the corporate clients và government agencies we serve.

DriveSavers is compliant with data privacy, security standards, and guidelines. DriveSavers undergoes an annual SOC 2 Type II phân tích và đo lường of its internal data hosting & processing controls to lớn guarantee that our data recovery services uphold the stringent data security và privacy protocols mandated by the corporate clients and government agencies we serve.

Certified CleanroomData recoveries are performed in a pristine Cleanroom environment that meets ISO standards to lớn minimize contamination & maximize recovery results.

Maximum SecurityAccounting, auditing, & information security professionals have verified that the facility’s information giải pháp công nghệ controls và processes are operating effectively and provide maximum data security.

Data SafetyYour critical và proprietary data is safe from external breaches while on the firm’s network during the data recovery process.

Certified EngineersData recovery engineers are certified lớn properly & safely recover encrypted files and drives.

More about our certifications & security

What does it cost?The final cost is determined by the success and completeness of the recovery và the selected turnaround time. A successful recovery will generally fall in the vị trí cao nhất third of the original quote range. We will never exceed the price that we initially quoted.

Why does the price have a range?Every data loss scenario is different. Until the device has been examined by our Data Recovery Engineers, the severity and complexity of the data loss can’t be determined. After the không tính phí evaluation of your device, you will be provided a more accurate price range, however, the maximum final price will never exceed the maximum price that you were first quoted.

How vì chưng you determine the cost of the recovery?The final cost of the recovery is determined by the complexity & completeness of the recovery, based on the complexity of the mechanical and/or logical issues, the unique of the recovered data, the quality of file names, và data structure. The final cost will never exceed the initial quote that you received when you first điện thoại tư vấn DriveSavers. We hotline that our maximum price gap guarantee.

What if I only want a few files does that change the cost?The work involved in recovering files from data storage devices is very complex. Whether you need one tệp tin or all files the effort is the same for the engineers, và we always attempt khổng lồ recover all data on the device.

How vì chưng I pay you, when bởi you need my payment information?Payment is collected when the recovery is complete, before shipping or pickup. You vì chưng not need to provide payment to lớn start the data recovery process. DriveSavers accepts all major credit cards. Purchase orders và NET terms can be provided for Fortune 500 companies & government institutions.

We also offer two payment plan options PayPal Credit, a Digital Reusable Credit Line, & Affirm, a Consumer Finance Company.

View our payment plans

What is the success rate for your recovery?We have the highest chance of success in the industry. Our in-house R&D team combined with relationships with the industry-leading storage device manufacturers, allows us the highest opportunity for success, with over 90% recovery rate across all device types.

Can you recover the data?Our engineers are stubborn, and will not stop attempting recovery until the data is recovered or it is determined by a number of engineers and a supervisor that the data is unrecoverable.

Have you worked on this specific issue before?We’ve received hundreds of thousands of devices and hundreds of different issues. We have been in the data recovery business for over 35 years và have seen everything you can imagine - but there are always new data loss scenarios.

Can you recover data from XYZ?DriveSavers recovers data from almost any digital storage device. Hotline our Data Recovery Advisors for a không lấy phí quote 1.800.440.1904.

Why can"t you guys just recover everything?Some devices have logical issues (corruption, software errors, deletion) or physical issues (head crash) where data is destroyed beyond recovery.

What if you only recover a portion of the files và not all of them?We will calculate the final cost of the data recovery based on the complexity và completeness of the recovery. It is our goal to lớn get everything as it was before the data loss. If the files or documents you requested are not fully recovered, we will adjust the cost accordingly.

What happens if you cannot recover my data?In the unlikely sự kiện that your data is not recoverable, there is NO charge for our data recovery attempt, and we even ship your device back lớn you, for free!

What does it look like when I have the data recovered? (HDD, Phones, Flash Drives, etc.)In most cases, we are able khổng lồ restore the original thư mục structure of the device, but in cases where there is damage to the directory, we will return the data in a custom file structure.

How vày I get my device to lớn you?Call us to lớn set up an order & we will thư điện tử you a không tính tiền overnight shipping label.

How vì chưng I package a device to lớn ship to lớn you?To safely ship your device lớn DriveSavers, follow these five steps:

Put your device in an antistatic bag or ziplock bag & seal it.Wrap your device with an adequate amount of bubble wrap, about 2-5 inches for most types of devices. (Do not use packing peanuts or another lightweight packing. These tend khổng lồ shift during shipping & can increase the chance of damage.)Seal the sides of the bubble wrap with strong tape.Put your device into a sturdy cardboard box và make sure it’s tightly packed. Your truyền thông should not be able to move around during shipment.Securely apply tape lớn seal the box as well as place your prepaid overnight shipping label that you received with your service order confirmation on the đứng đầu of the box.

Can I ship with anyone else besides FedEx?You may ship your device khổng lồ us using any mailing/shipping service. We suggest you use a service with tracking. We offer không lấy phí prepaid overnight shipping only via FedEx.

Do I get the device I shipped to you back?Yes, we ship the device back to lớn you, unless you have asked us lớn recycle it for you.

Can I get my recovered data returned to me on the cloud?We offer a Data Express service. Depending on the amount of data you need ASAP, we may be able khổng lồ transfer data via our Data Express SFTP portal over the Internet. We would still ship the completed recovery to you.

Get more info about shipping best practices here

Where is DriveSavers located?DriveSavers is located in the San Francisco cất cánh Area, the technology hub of the world.Our Cleanroom, engineers, hotline center, sales, and marketing team all work at the DriveSavers headquarters. We believe keeping the DriveSavers team in one location enhances our knowledge và supports our customers with the best data recovery services in the industry.

Do you have a local place or is there another company that does the same work?DriveSavers is the industry leader in Data Recovery. DriveSavers strategically has a single data recovery lab, with all of our Data Recovery Engineers in a single location, helping with overall recoverability rates of devices due khổng lồ increased collaboration between our team of engineers. Our single location also allows DriveSavers khổng lồ have engineers who specialize in all different device types all in one single location. This ensures that all customers have a specialist working on their job.

Why does your website say you have a location near me, do you have a location near me?We offer và have served all major cities and states throughout the United States on a daily basis. Although we vì not have other physical locations - we work internationally & offer không lấy phí shipping of your device lớn our certified secure data recovery lab.

What if I can’t recall the name of the folder or how it was stored?Any information you can provide about the data you need khổng lồ be recovered will help us to lớn know what is most critical to you to lớn ensure a successful recovery. However, we will attempt to recover all the data on the device.

Do you fix the devices?No, và Yes – If the device is malfunctioning we may repair it using parts from our inventory in order to get it functioning long enough lớn get the data off. After the repair, the used part is then returned to the inventory.

If the repair involves soldering the device might seem to lớn function when you receive it back. We don’t repair devices for reuse, at times devices are returned in a semi-functional manner.

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Can you recover the data from the cloud or an online backup service?No, you will need to tương tác your cloud provider or backup service provider.