With the new iPhone 7 family, apple has reworked the kiến thiết of the antenna lines a bit, made the camera hump somewhat more prominent, & removed the 3.5 mm tai nghe jack. But what is easily the biggest change with regards lớn aesthetics are the two new exterior colors: Jet Black & Black.

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You can think of black as a much darker, blacker Space Gray. It"s still the same matte metal finish that we"ve had on the last few iPhone iterations. Jet Black, on the other hand, is totally different: a high-gloss đen aluminum finish, which happens khổng lồ bring a bunch of noteworthy characteristics with it. What are the differences betweeniPhone 7 đen vs Jet Black.If you find yourself torn between the two black options, that"s totally understandable – they both look rad. Still, we"ll try to lớn go through và analyze all the meaningful differences between the two, so you could eventually make the better choice for you. Here goesiPhone 7 đen vs Jet Black!

iPhone 7 black vs Jet Black


1. Getting the obvious out of the way first: Jet black is a glossy, reflective finish. Black is matte, with less intensive, diffused reflections;
2. Jet đen looks blacker. đen is also quite dark, but it lượt thích a very dark gray;3.Jet đen gets fingerprints và smudges; đen stays cleaner;4. Jet black will not feel slippery in your hand; black will;5. Over time, Jet black may accumulate micro scratches from normal usage; đen should be able to lớn withstand those much better;6. Jet Black & Black should be equally tough;7. Jet black may cost you more, as it"ll only be available with 128 GB và 256 GB models; đen will be an option with all storage capacities.Have we missed to point out an important distinction between the two? Let us know in the comments!


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