At work I’ve been using the original 30-pin Rode iXY mic with an iPhone 4S to record quick & easy voiceovers for around a year. I find it really handy lớn have a high chất lượng recorder right there in your pocket. The added ability to lớn FTP or dropbox tracks directly to lớn our editor from the iPhone is really great. Unfortunately, like many shooters, I also upgraded khổng lồ an iPhone5 and then 5S which only works on with the old iXY using a cumbersome adapter.

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Introducing the new iXY with Lightning connector for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.

Today Rode have unveiled a new version of the iXY specifically for the iPhone 5, 5S và 5C that integrates far better with the Lightning connector equipped phones. The concept remains the same but the design has been updated and makes the combined iXY và iPhone bộ combo feel even more lượt thích a single unit.

The iXY can attach to the vị trí cao nhất of your DSLR using the accessory RodeGrip

Like the original, the new iXY features a matched pair of 1/2 inch condenser capsules in a X-Y configuration that allow for stereo recording at sample rates up khổng lồ 24-bit/96kHz. Audio is recorded using the Rode REC tiện ích – the full version of which is one of the few lớn feature a broadcast friendly 48kHz record ability. A mono recording option is also settable in the app.

The new kiến thiết fits closer over the iPhone body toàn thân and attaches via interchangeable rubber mounting clamps. There are specific mounts for the different iPhone models & these also function as a shock mount – reducing vibrations to the mic capsules from the phone body.

The new iXY attaches via a clever rubber clamping system

A foam windshield is also included và ‘deadcat’ option will be available shortly for even great wind protection. The iXY comes with a handy case and the can be easily handheld or mounted on a camera using the accessory RodeGrip.

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The optional deadcat will soon be available

The iXY should be priced at around $199 US. They began shipping to lớn dealers this week so should hit the stores very soon.