In the generation of advanced computers, memory means a lot for the users who regularly kiểm tra SSD health. The main reason for purchasing the most expensive hard disks is lớn improve or to boost up the overall system performance from the average mark. That’s why as a big processor manufacturer company, intel has launched a service which is named as intel RST. RST stands for Rapid Storage Technology. You can make an idea in your mind about this service just by its name. Rapid storage technology is specially developed to lớn boost your PC performance and memory management. This service will work for all computers which are having SATA disks installed in them. The feature will also lower down the nguồn consumption of the PC which prevents the overheating issue. That’s why RST service offered by hãng intel is used by every user who is having SATA disk.

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Fix 1. Kiểm tra the list of Running Services in Task Manager

Every time you think that an application or service is not working properly or creating some troubles for your PC, then you can check the Task Manager where all the running applications & services are listed. It is also an important indicator of Windows 10 high CPU or disk usage. We will use Task manager to check this issue of hãng sản xuất intel RST not working. It has been seen in many cases that Rapid Storage technology (RST) is not working due to lớn several issues and to run RST back again, we need to resolve these issues through the help of Task manager.

Step 1. Right-click on the Taskbar on the bottom of the PC screen and choose Task Manager.Step 2. In Task Manager window, search for intel Rapid Storage giải pháp công nghệ in the Services tab.Step 3. Kiểm tra the status of hãng sản xuất intel RST. If it is stopped, then right-click it và choose Start.

After starting the service, see if intel RST is working or not. You can check the status in Task Manager.

Fix 2. Automatically Run hãng sản xuất intel RST Service on Startup

Sometimes, when you boot your PC, then RST is not able khổng lồ launch automatically due khổng lồ certain issues. That’s why we suggest you reset the mặc định settings so that any issue which is pertaining khổng lồ resist the launch of RST can be eliminated. For your knowledge, there are two types of startup status, one is automatic which is phối as mặc định for RST & another one is Manual. The settings will remain the same as they were. We are just resetting them so that RST can be launched automatically after the booting of PC. In this way, you can also disable some unnecessary startup items to lớn speed up your Windows PC.

Follow these methods to lớn accomplish your task:

Step 1. Mở cửa Run dialogue by pressing Windows + R, then type services.msc & hit Enter.Step 2. In Services window, scroll down to lớn find Intel Rapid Storage Technology from the list.Step 3. Right-click on the option and open the Properties menu.Step 4. Inside the Properties menu, click the box next lớn Startup type, then mix it as Automatic and hit the Apply option lớn save the settings.

Reboot your PC and kiểm tra whether RST start is working normally. If this method is also unable khổng lồ fix this issue, then we have one another present on this list. You can switch on that positively.

Fix 3. Update hãng sản xuất intel RST Driver

Now, this is the ultimate solution to get rid of this issue. It is possible that the SATA disk present in your PC is unable to run on the outdated drivers of RST. There is a protocol which you need to lớn follow in order lớn update the RST drivers:

Step 1. Press Windows + R to open Run dialogue, then type devmgmt.msc & hit Enter.Step 2. In Device Manager window, open Disk drives category, then identify the disk that is compatible with hãng intel RST.
Step 3. Right-click on the disk và choose Uninstall device. The disk may disappear from the list.Step 4. Wait a moment for the disk drive to lớn be detected again, then right-click và choose Scan for hardware changes. The drive will be reinstalled automatically.Step 6. Download the SetupRST.exe file from the left column.Step 7. Install the executable file, restart your PC & then see if the problem has been fixed or not.

This method has a much higher probability of resolving this issue of hãng intel RST not working on PC.

Pro tips: In case you thua kém important documents, photos or videos, make sure to lớn use Data Recovery Software to get them back as soon as possible.

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Final Words

We have categorized the solutions which we think can help you in a better manner. You can try all these methods one by one because any one of them may work for you. If you find some other methods that can also be engaged to lớn resolve this issue, then please cốt truyện the details of that method with us in the comments section.