Nowadays, PDF is the best format for storing and sharing documents. That"s because the PDF format has a couple of advantages over regular DOC & RTF files. They cannot be modified, they have a smaller size and they can be easily viewed using a simple & small application called Adobe Reader. But the impossibility to modify PDF documents can be sometimes a real problem. The same goes for creating PDF files from scratch. For allowing the user to lớn perform these tasks, he can use Adobe Acrobat, which is the most popular software for creating & editing PDF files. Still, despite its popularity, this application is expensive và difficult lớn use. Infix PDF Editor is a much better software for creating & editing PDF files. This simple Windows application installs fast and requires minimum system resources. After installing và running the program, a welcome screen will be displayed, asking the user whether he would lượt thích to use the standard or the professional version of the program. After completing this step, the program will open a sample PDF file, which proves the program"s functionality, allowing the user khổng lồ get familiar with all the features. One can modify the text included inside the sample PDF file, can add his own text or images và so on. The interface and the features for editing text và images resemble the ones includes inside a regular text editor, thus the user will quickly get familiar with the application. Besides containing various text editing tools, Infix PDF Editor also includes an OCR feature, which can turn scanned text into regular editable text. There are also a couple of drawing tools available, which allow the user lớn annotate on the text. After the PDF file is finished creating or editing, the user can save it as a copy or he can extract only a specific page. He can also send the document through e-mail directly from the interface. Pros: It allows creating & editing any PDF tệp tin with great ease, in the same way as editing a regular text file. Besides that, there are a lot of text editing tools available, which resemble the ones included inside a text editor. Furthermore, an OCR feature is available, for turning scanned text into regular editable text. Moreover, edited PDF files can be sent directly through email. Cons: The test version has a couple of limitations. Infix PDF Editor allows anyone khổng lồ easily create and edit PDF files using a large number of text editing tools. You can download Infix PDF Editor không lấy phí here.

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Infix PDF Editor has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 15 May 2012. Based on the user interface, features & complexity, has rated Infix PDF Editor 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent