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AutoCAD 2007 is a premiere computer-aided designing program that lets you organize the objects you draw, their properties, and their files. It also helps you create great-looking models. But it’s not always easy khổng lồ figure out how lớn perform these functions, and many users kết thúc up missing out on AutoCAD’s full potential.

AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies will show you how lớn perform these tasks and more! This hands-on guide lets you discover how to lớn navigate around all the complications and start creating cool drawings in no time. Soon you’ll have the tools you need khổng lồ use DWG, phối up drawings, địa chỉ cửa hàng text, và work with lines, as well as:

Draw a base plate with rectangles and circles Organize a successful template Zoom & pan with glass and hand Use the AutoCAD kiến thiết center Navigate through your 3-D drawing projects Plot layout, lineweights, và colors kiến thiết block definitions Slice and dice your drawings khổng lồ create new designs Create a website format using AutoCAD

This book also features suggestions and tips on how khổng lồ touch up your creations as well as ways to lớn swap drawing data with other people and programs. Written in a friendly, straightforward tone that doesn’t try khổng lồ overwhelm you, AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies shows you the fun and easy way to draw precise 2-D & 3-D drawings!

David Byrnes is one of those grizzled old-timers you’ll find mentioned every so often in AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies. He began his drafting career on the boards in 1979 and discovered computer-assisted doodling shortly thereafter. He first learned AutoCAD with version 1.4, around the time when personal computers switched from steam to diesel power. Dave is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, và has been an AutoCAD consultant & trainer for 15 years. Dave is a contributing editor for Cadalyst magazine & has been a contributing author to ten books on AutoCAD. He teaches AutoCAD & other computer graphics applications at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design và British Columbia Institute of công nghệ in Vancouver. Dave has tech edited six AutoCAD For Dummies titles. AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies is his second goround as coauthor of this title.

Mark Middlebrook used to be an engineer but gave it up when he discovered that he couldn’t handle a real job. Since 1988, he has been principal of Daedalus Consulting, an independent CAD and computer consulting company in Oakland, California. (In case you wondered, Daedalus was the guy in ancient Greek legend who built the labyrinth on Crete.

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Mark named his company after Daedalus before he realized that few of his clients would be able lớn pronounce it và even fewer could spell it.) After having made mischief in the CAD world for 17 years, Mark now has embarked on a career in the wine world. He sells & writes about wine for Paul Marcus Wines in Oakland và develops winerelated website sites for CruForge.