IELTS Mock thử nghiệm 2021 – IDP Education Australia, British Council, và Cambridge English Language Assessment have released the IELTS 2021 mock tests on its official website, i.e., The candidates who want to lớn practice for all the components of the IELTS exam, such as Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking, can be accessed right from the link added on this page. IELTS is the most widely accepted English Language Proficiency demo in most universities worldwide. The applicants willing khổng lồ take the IELTS exam need a proper strategy to score better.

Practising the sample papers is one of the best methods to lớn prepare for the IELTS exam. The IELTS Mock demo helps students be familiar with the exam pattern và difficulty màn chơi of the test. All demo takers should ensure the IELTS format before preparing for the correct version of the test. Go through the article to tải về IELTS sample papers for không tính tiền and read other essentials.

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Get IELTS Mock thử nghiệm details and direct liên kết from the section below!

Latest: NEET Result 2021 Declared on November 1, 2021.

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IELTS Practice thử nghiệm 2021

IELTS Mock demo 2021

Candidates appearing for the IELTS exam must practice the mock tests. Practising mock tests will enhance the accuracy of answering certain kinds of questions. Although the IELTS mock tests are not released officially, candidates can practise the sample thử nghiệm released over the official website. Officially, the candidates can find the PDF for the questions asked in the IELTS exam. Also, candidates will find the audio and đoạn phim to know how the listening và speaking thử nghiệm is conducted.

Learn Exam Concepts on

IELTS Practice demo 2021

The candidates who want to lớn pass the IELTS kiểm tra with flying colours must also be aware of the practice tests offered by British Council on its official website. These tests have been categorised into different categories, including Listening Test, Academic Reading, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, General Training Writing, & Speaking. We have added the liên kết to all the study-related material (such as PDFs and videos) for all these tests in the segment below. We suggest all the interested candidates that they should go through each liên kết added below.

The direct liên kết for IELTS practice tests released officially for Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing are as follows.

IELTS Practice thử nghiệm 2021 For Listening

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice Listening thử nghiệm (PDF)Click Here
IELTS Practice Listening chạy thử – Section 1 (Audio)Click Here
IELTS Practice Listening chạy thử – Section 2 (Audio)Click Here
IELTS Practice Listening demo – Section 3 (Audio)Click Here
IELTS Practice Listening chạy thử – Section 4 (Audio)Click Here
Blank answer sheet (PDF)Click Here

IELTS Practice test 2021 for Academic Reading

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice Academic Reading chạy thử (PDF)Click Here
Blank answer sheet (PDF)Click Here

Practice Exam Questions

IELTS Practice test 2021 for General Training Reading

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice General Training Reading thử nghiệm (PDF)Click Here
Blank answer sheet (PDF)Click Here

IELTS Practice chạy thử 2021 for Academic Writing

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice Academic Writing test (PDF)Click Here

IELTS Practice chạy thử 2021 for General Training Writing

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice Academic General Training kiểm tra (PDF)Click Here

Attempt Mock Tests

IELTS Practice demo 2021 for Speaking

SectionDirect Link
IELTS Practice Speaking test (PDF)Click Here
IELTS Sample Speaking test Part 1 (Video)Click Here
IELTS Sample Speaking chạy thử Part 2 (Video)Click Here
IELTS Sample Speaking demo Part 3 (Video)Click Here
IELTS Official Youtube ChannelClick Here

Benefits of IELTS Mock demo 2021

Candidates appearing for the IELTS 2021 must prepare using the IELTS mock tests lớn increase the odds of passing the test. The official bodies release the sample paper and the test papers for IELTS. Every applicant should prepare using the IELTS 2021 mock test/ practice chạy thử as it will be helpful in several ways. Some of the benefits of IELTS practice tests are as follows:

Practising the IELTS mock chạy thử or practise test paper will help remove the exam stress and fearPractice demo for IELTS will also help in revisionCandidates will get an idea of the marking scheme after an analysis of the sample demo questions & answers of IELTSPreparing using the IELTS mock test và practice paper will help in boosting the self confidence of the candidatePractising the IELTS mock test & sample paper will help in improving the speed & accuracy in answering a certain type of questionCandidates will get the complete knowledge of the type of questions that will be asked in IELTS 2021 using the mock test & practice papers

IELTS 2021 Mock demo – Sample test Questions

The official trang web of the IELTS also hosts sample chạy thử questions to lớn help the candidates in preparation purposes. The direct liên kết to access the sample questions with answers is mentioned below.

IELTS Sample kiểm tra Questions for Listening

Form CompletionClick hereClick here
Multiple ChoiceClick hereClick here
Short AnswerClick hereClick here
Sentence CompletionClick hereClick here
MatchingClick hereClick here
MatchingClick hereClick here
Plan/ Map/ Diagram LabellingClick hereClick here
Note CompletionClick hereClick here
Short AnswerClick hereClick here

IELTS Sample test Questions for Speaking

Part 1Click hereClick hereClick here
Part 2Click hereClick hereClick here
Part 3Click hereClick hereClick here

IELTS Mock Tests 2021 by Conducting Bodies

All the three conducting bodies of IELTS also release the practice chạy thử for IELTS. Candidates can find the sample chạy thử material immensely helpful while preparing for the IELTS 2021. The direct liên kết to kiểm tra the IELTS practice chạy thử by official conducting bodies is tabulated below

IELTS 2021 Mock test by Conducting Bodies

Conducting BodyFind here
IELTS Practice thử nghiệm by IDPClick here
IELTS Practice test by British CouncilClick here
IELTS Practice kiểm tra by Cambridge Assessment EnglishClick here

IELTS Exam Pattern 2021

The International English Language Testing System will chạy thử as many as four components of the English language. The candidate’s proficiency is evaluated based on the band score of IELTS. The four components as per the IELTS exam pattern is as follows.


The section-wise kiểm tra pattern for IELTS is as follows.

IELTS demo Structure

SkillIELTS kiểm tra DescriptionNo. Of Questions / Total Duration (mins)
Reading SyllabusThree passages of general interest.Questions: 40; Duration: 30 mins
Writing SyllabusProviding information in your own words.Questions: 02; Duration: 60 mins
Listening SyllabusConversation on different topics.Questions: 40; Duration: 30 mins
Speaking SyllabusTesting general speaking skills.Questions: 03; Duration: 11 – 14 mins


IELTS is an English language demo taken by competitors examining or working in a nation where English is the fundamental language of correspondence. The most famous countries where IELTS is acknowledged for college confirmations are the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, và Canada. The demo primarily gauges the capacity of test-takers to impart the four essential English language abilities – tuning in, perusing, talking, & composing. IELTS demo is mutually claimed và led by IDP Training Australia, English Chamber, & Cambridge English Language Appraisal. With the quantity of IELTS tests developed to lớn a record of 3.5 million in 2018, it has become a forerunner in the space of advanced global education. It is acknowledged in 100% of colleges in the UK và Australia. Additionally, more than 3,400 establishments in the US và many organizations in English talking nations are believed.

FAQs On IELTS Mock chạy thử 2021

Q: How much time should I take lớn solve the IELTS sample paper? A: IELTS sample papers must be solved considering the limitations of the exams. The candidate should try to lớn solve the IELTS sample paper within 2 hours và 45 minutes.

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Q: Why is it important khổng lồ solve IELTS Sample Paper?A: IELTS simple papers give information about the exam level, pattern, type of questions and other important details. On the preparation part, the candidates can identify their weak và strong points by solving the IELTS sample paper
Q. What is the Speaking test?A: The Speaking kiểm tra is a discussion over 11-14 minutes with a certified và highly qualified for IELTS. It is made up of three sections và is recorded.
Q When will I receive my test results?A: The candidates will receive the chạy thử report after 13 days of the conclusion of the exam. The candidates will get one copy of the test report khung unless they apply to lớn Immigration Canada (CIC), or the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) và Citizenship. In this case, the candidates will receive the proof of application to lớn CIC & UKBA

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