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But don’t hand that nice salesperson your coveted cash, just yet. If you want to trò chơi on the go, then you should go somewhere else. The Dv6 model we digested, is not your new mobile gaming box. Some DiretX 9 games will offer mildly playable performance. But really, this just isn’t the slab upon which you want khổng lồ to lay your 3 chiều applications. If you’re the obsessive type, determined to cram a square peg in a triangle hole, then some concessions can be made for slightly better gaming performance. You can lower trò chơi settings và drop that already snore-inducing resolution lớn something god-awful, lượt thích 1024 x 768. Even then you will need lớn turn off the in-game eye-candy, such as anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion and texture quality–depending on which game you plan khổng lồ disappoint yourself with. However, if you want a máy tính xách tay that performs optimally for screen & touch responses when playing games, you should consider the HP Split X 2 review.

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I say, don’t even try. General use và movie playback is the HP Dv6’s bread and butter. Grab an HDMI cable và pipe that đoạn phim to a large HD screen & you’re golden. The unit even includes 2x headphone/speaker jacks, which is great for silently watching a flick with a friend.

The HP Dv6 is a fine laptop for its sub $600 cost of entry. It could use a better screen resolution, but it does sport HDMI-out. So you’re not always confined lớn Low-Res Country. Gamers should recognize the limitation to lớn their needs as well. All that said, HP has a gorgeous-looking solid-functioning addition khổng lồ their smartphone computing library, with the HP Pavilion Dv6 Laptop.

Editor’s Rating:Good

Bottom Line: The HP Pavilion Dv6 is a good, responsive laptop. Its good looks will “Wow!” you, even if its performance won’t. The Dv6 handles movies well, feels nice while in use and will help you get things done on a budget. Just don’t expect major league performance.

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Elegantly craftedEnjoyable movie playbackRoomy & intuitive layoutResponsive


Subpar screen resolutionOverall average performance

You can buy the HP Pavilion Dv6 máy vi tính at Amazon for $539.99.