. This Honda Wave RS is recommended from beginners to intermediate riders. The gear is standard. You will like the design and reliability of this bike.

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Choose an optionHelmet (whole head)Helmet (nutshell)No Helmet
Choose an optionBike LockNo bike Lock
Choose an optionPonchoNo Poncho
Choose an option1 month1 month & more
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The Honda Wave RS is a Semi-Automatic xe đạp from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. This type of bike is popular lớn drive in Vietnam.

Manufacturer: Honda Engine Type: 04-stroke, air-cooled Bore & Stroke: 50 milimet x 49.5 mm Maximum Horse Power: 6.22kW / 7500rpm Starter System: Self Kick & Electric Starter Engine: 109.1cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled Transmission: 4 speed constant mesh Dimensions: – L: 1,925 milimet – W: 709 milimet – H: 1,084 mm Seat height: 769 mm Dry Weight: 96 kg Fuel capacity: 3,7 L