Potently flavorful & fragrant, Hoisin sauce is a central ingredient in many Chinese dishes và will work absolute MIRACLES for the foods you showroom it to! Look no further for the BEST hoisin sauce recipe!


What is Hoisin Sauce?

Hoisin sauce is a thick, dark, fragrant và flavorful sauce that is commonly used as a dipping sauce, a glaze for meats and added to stir fries. It balances both sweet, tangy and salty flavors and contributes an intense umami element to lớn whatever food it’s added to.

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Although the name hoisin is Chinese for “seafood” it does not contain any seafood, rather the name likely refers khổng lồ the fact that the sauce is a common accompaniment for seafood.

How to lớn Use Hoisin Sauce

It’s pretty much an all-purpose condiment, it’s so delicious on so many things. Here are just a few ways khổng lồ use it:

In stir-friesIn noodlesSlathered on chicken, pork, ribs, duck or tofu and baked or grilledAdded to lớn veggiesMarinadesVinaigrettesBarbecue saucesA general substitute for ketchupA new twist for meatloafSlathered on burgersFor pulled pork or pulled chickenAdded khổng lồ soup broths for a great flavorThe base sauce for Chinese-style pizzaAdded khổng lồ mayo for a Chinese twistAs a dipping sauce for Chinese dumplings, egg rolls, wontons, chicken nuggets, etc.

It’s just plain incredible stuff!


How to lớn Make Hoisin Sauce 

As with most things, store-bought hoisin sauce doesn’t even begin khổng lồ compare khổng lồ homemade. The flavor & potency of this authentic homemade sauce will absolutely wow your taste buds!

You’ll find a lot of recipes online for hoisin sauce calling for things like peanut butter and molasses – neither of those belong in hoisin sauce và do not remotely resemble the right flavor. Leave those two items on the shelf & instead grab the two key ingredients you’ll need to lớn make the real deal: Chinese five spice and black bean sauce (aka black bean paste or black bean garlic paste, made from fermented soy beans).

You can find Chinese Five Spice in the spice section of most grocery stores. The black bean sauce may be a little more challenging lớn find. However in both cases we HIGHLY recommend making your own anyway in order to achieve the absolute BEST flavor results.

Below are the homemade versions for the two key ingredients you’ll need to lớn make this incredible sauce:

Homemade Chinese Five Spice Powder  (nothing compares to lớn the flavor of freshly ground spice blends!)


Homemade black Bean Sauce (this stuff is the BEST!)

Black bean sauce is a key ingredient to the best Chinese food, so you’ll want the ingredients on hand lớn make that anyway (of course you can also use store-bought black bean sauce as well. But honestly, this black bean sauce is seriously the best stuff!)

So now all you have to vì is combine the Chinese five spice powder with the đen bean sauce và a few other ingredients & you’ve got the best hoisin sauce ever!


Authentic Hoisin Sauce Recipe

Let’s get started!

There are just two steps: 1) Place all the ingredients in a blender và 2) Puree until smooth. That’s it, you’re done!

*NOTE: We’re adding a few prunes for sweetness and texture. However, hoisin sauce is not the same thing as plum sauce.

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Store the sauce in the fridge in a non-reactive airtight container. It will keep for about a week.