Ever since Harley-Davidson announced the new 2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S, I’ve been intrigued. This is a motorcycle that seems marketed towards people like me: people who want nice looking, classic bikes, but don’t want khổng lồ give up everything related lớn power, handling, or safety.

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But it wasn’t until I took the Sportster S for a ride that I realised: this xe đạp isn’t exactly how I imagined it, even after reading everything about it. It surprised me in some ways nobody had told me it would and disappointed me in a few I wasn’t expecting.

The things I learned were about important questions like:

What does that liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250T engine feel like?Does the Sportster S feel fast with its torque-forward engine and low gearing?Does the Sportster S handle and stop well, with its fat front tyre & single disc brake?What are the controls like?How does riding the Sportster S make me feel?

Because I learned so much from that ride, I thought I’d mô tả it with you to help you make your own decision.

Riding position of the Sportster S Harley-DavidsonIt’s comfortable, but I wouldn’t ride this xe đạp for more than about two hours without a windshield.

Bear in mind though that the riding position leads khổng lồ a bumpy ride.

Bumpy Suspension

Any foot-forward riding position seems comfortable at first — until you realise that you thua the suspension component of your legs.

When you sit with your feet in front of you, spine relatively straight up, you rely entirely on the rear suspension (quite short on the Sportster S — 51 mm or two inches) khổng lồ soak up rear bumps. Và let me tell you, I haven’t been this jarred since I decided to try riding a Ducati Superbike around as a daily — also unsuccessfully, I might add.

I know motorcycles aren’t meant to be comfortable machines. If we wanted comfort, we’d all be in Mercedes-Benz SUVs or something. So we choose motorcycles that are inevitably a compromise between comfort & the other characteristics that are important to lớn us — aesthetics, performance, or whatever.

I’m just saying that I’ve had many motorcycles more comfortable than feet-forward cruisers. It would take better rear suspension and a plusher seat to make me want khổng lồ stay on it for long, and I think that would take away from the hard-edged feel that the Sportster S otherwise has.

As it stands, this is a xe đạp for occasional fun or reasonable-length commutes, not one I’d ride for long stretches every day.

I didn’t lượt thích the controls or the display

The three things I actively didn’t like about riding the Harley-Davidson were the switchgear, the shift lever, và the display.

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This is pretty unfortunate, because they’re the things I use and look at really often!

Firstly, the display on the Sportster S is a modern round digital display. It has the speedometer in prime position, & indicates the revs with lights around it.