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Zombie Tsunami
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1+
Arcade, Games
Google Play
Mobigame S.A.R.L.

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Arcade, Games
October 24, 2022 (38 seconds ago )

Different from all genres of điện thoại games related to zombies. Zombie Tsunami thủ thuật is an infinite run trò chơi that allows players khổng lồ transform into a zombie army running on skyscrapers in the city and attacking people. A completely new feeling when you play the role of a bad guy but have great power and humans cannot resist your strength.

The zombies in this gameplay, although extremely powerful, are very cute, mischievous, players will not feel scared but also more excited. The chơi game is simple, easy lớn understand, you just need to lớn perform two correct actions: click & release lớn overcome obstacles & cannibalism will be auto. Proactively predict imminent dangers in order to lớn get the right direction.

Download Zombie Tsunami hack – zombie corpses

Download Zombie Tsunami thủ thuật – zombie corpses

Joining the Zombie Tsunami Mod, players will feel that this game play is similar to lớn the infinite run games like subway surfer, temple run. Because the gameplay is basically the same and the rules are all infinite running until death before the trò chơi ends. When you first enter the game, there will be countless tasks waiting for you khổng lồ complete, but you should choose simple tasks lớn get used khổng lồ the gameplay.

The more missions you complete, the more money và diamonds you will receive. In the journey of destroying the city, there will be many dangers stalking you because people are also trying to lớn fight you. Do not worry because there are a lot of support items in the siêu thị to help you destroy people more easily.


Zombie transformation skills

It’s great that your zombie legion also has transformation skills in a short time it helps you lớn overcome all obstacles. There are all 10 skills that zombies can use including:

Giantz: Your zombie legion will transform into a giant monster, it destroys everything with its tia laze eye. You can tăng cấp the quái thú with more lasers khổng lồ destroy everything faster.Gold: With this skill, everything when the zombie touches will turn into gold coins, this will help you earn a lot of money.Dragon: This skill, your zombie legion will not be completely immortal lượt thích the above skills because when the legion turns into a dragon, it will still be destroyed by bombs, the interference of the means. However, you can multiply và keep continuously khổng lồ let the dragonfly in the air, overcoming obstacles on the ground.UFO: This is a feature that will help your zombie legion increase the number of zombies, creating more zombies.

There are 6 more features that I cannot tell you all about here. Tải về the game & slowly experience all the skills.

Decorate your zombie legion

There are many chất lượng costumes as well as costumes that you can decorate your zombie legion. Playing the role of bad guys, our zombies are very funny và cute, their emojis are also extremely cute, fun icons for players to have a sense of fun, extreme entertainment. High. Customize their appearance by changing their outfits such as hats, clothes, shoes, backpacks, skin color…. There are many interesting things waiting for you to lớn discover.


How to increase the number of zombie corps

When you see people running on the road without protection or on the vehicle, this is really a good prey for you. The larger your legion, the greater the destructive power, but there is one disadvantage when the army is too large that it is difficult to lớn control. When you meet people circulating on the road by means of transport such as cars, airplanes, etc., etc., you should put a symbol on the number of people in the vehicle on the đứng đầu of the vehicle. What you need to do right now is khổng lồ see if your legion has enough zombies corresponding lớn that cấp độ to be able to lớn destroy the car, eat people.

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Do not waste time plowing around the clock lớn get more gold & diamonds to lớn buy costumes, unlock more skills for zombies. Hack Zombie Tsunami hack allows you to siêu thị comfortably, buy everything you like in the store for free. This is really a great feature for you to have the most entertaining moments after hours of studying and working stress. Tải về this gameplay now và experience it right away.