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Tank Stars
Playgendary Limited
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

Tank Stars MOD android (Unlimited Money) is a game that allows players to control the most modern tanks in World War II, engage in clashes & destroy all opponents in front of you.

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About Tank StarsMOD apk version of Tank Stars

About Tank Stars

Previously, I have reviewed Bowmasters, a fun trajectory shooting game. However, when referring to trajectory shooting games, we can not ignore a very famous game named Tank Stars by Playgendary. Currently, the game is available on both iOS & Android platforms, you can tải về your device absolutely free. In the article, would lượt thích to introduce you khổng lồ some of the features of this game.

How lớn play

The chơi game of Tank Stars is similar to lớn Bowmasters, you have lớn control your tank solo with other tanks on a fierce battlefield, where victory is only for the most talented & brave gunner. This game has turn-based gameplay, which means that when it comes lớn your turn, you have lớn adjust the power and direction of the tank and then see the enemy’s tank destroyed. It will be very dangerous if you miss a shot because, in the enemy’s turn, they can destroy you at any time.


In addition to lớn the normal types of bullets, you can activate missiles lớn attack enemies. However, this feature is only used once per match so you are only allowed khổng lồ use it when necessary. Your task is simple: destroy all enemies to win. Simple chơi game makes it easy to play on the small screen of a phone because the trò chơi does not require you to do complicated operations. If you have mastered Bowmasters, you will quickly become familiar with everything from the first match.

Unlock new tanks


In Tank Stars, players will experience the most advanced fighting machines of World War II. You can unlock many different tanks with a variety of colors. Weapons of the trò chơi are also very diverse with the type of ammunition, bombs, nuclear bombs … will make you feel excited. Do not forget to upgrade your tanks lớn make them stronger & better defences, against enemy attacks.



If you lượt thích simple graphics games, Tank Stars is a perfect choice. Unlike World of Tanks, this trò chơi has 2D-based graphics and has been minutely detailed. The graphics are simple, easily compatible with a variety of phones, & can run smoothly on low-profile phones. Simple, intuitive interface designed with science, suitable for the điện thoại screen.

Two main modes

In Offline mode, you must fight the tanks which control by AI. They are capable of firing very accurately so you are not allowed lớn slip. This is a mode that helps you train your marksmanship. Also, when playing this mode you will earn a lot of money with the opportunity to lớn unlock many different tanks.


However, I often play Online mode, where you can challenge any player around the world. Defeat them & climb the highest ranking on the rankings. In particular, you can find out which countries players from by an ensign on their tank.

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Key features of Tank Stars

Funny trajectory shooting game, actual physical mechanism.Variety of weapons & tanks.Simple 2 chiều graphics, intuitive interface.Real-time PvP mode.Play with friends.Small size.

MOD apk version of Tank Stars

MOD Features

Unlimited MoneyUnlocked All ModesNo Ads

Download Tank Stars MOD app android for Android

Basically, Tank Stars is a great entertainment trò chơi this summer. “Victory or die”. Are you ready to take part in this fascinating battle in this game?