MARBLEHEAD, Mass. — A Marblehead man is alerting others after a clip recording of him was captured on Facebook & then weaponized on his friend’s list.

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William Stone believes it was taken when he accepted a đoạn phim call on Facebook Messenger from a friend on Monday morning.

He told Boston 25 News that it didn’t initially seem suspicious because it was his friend’s face & voice.


Stone isn’t sure how he was hacked after that but recalled being locked out of his Facebook trương mục in a matter of minutes.

“I’m getting phone calls from people all day asking, are you okay?” he explained. “It looks like whatever video clip they got of me during that little conversation, they’re now using that video clip to reach out to my friends and family members.”

Stone said he hasn’t been able to lớn get in cảm biến with anyone on Facebook lớn regain control of his account.

He said the video of him is being used over & over to target everyone on his Facebook friend list.

“It’s pretty awful knowing that there’s someone running around trying lớn borrow money in my name with my face,” said Stone.

Stone said the friend he initially received the video clip call from has confirmed that he was hacked about two months ago.

“If you do answer the phone call, they got your face too,” said Hannah O’Reilly, Stone’s wife. “There is no way lớn resolve it with Facebook. How vì we contact you to put a stop khổng lồ this?”

The couple has been receiving screen grabs from family và friends who have since received đoạn phim calls on Facebook Messenger from Stone’s account.

O’Reilly posted a warning on her Facebook account & told others not to lớn fall for it.

“This is a very easy scam lớn get fooled by due to the fact that there’s legit audio and video being used,” said Robert Siciliano, CEO of Protect

Siciliano, a security awareness expert, recommends directly calling or texting your friend or family member to make sure it’s actually them contacting you on Facebook.

A spokesperson with the Better Business Bureau in Eastern Massachusetts said that the BBB is aware of the reports of a Facebook mod that uses AI technology và Facebook đoạn phim calls.

Paula Fleming, Chief sale and Sales Officer with the Better Business Bureau, sent the following statement khổng lồ Boston 25 News:

“Once you answer the đoạn clip call, the hackers use AI giải pháp công nghệ to scan your face và then lock you out of your Facebook account. Avoid answering calls with the camera on until you know it’s legit. Scammers are increasingly using clip calls to lớn trick people into revealing personal information or installing malware. If you don’t recognize the number, let it go khổng lồ voicemail. & if you vị answer, be sure to lớn cover your camera until you’re sure who you’re talking to.”

This is a developing story. Kiểm tra back for updates as more information becomes available.

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Photo via Getty ImagesUpdate (June 13, 2023):The vulnerability highlighted in the original article below has been resolved and it is no longer possible to lớn break into an trương mục using just a phone number, as far as we know.

Vulnerabilities in the social media platform bởi exist, but Facebook now operatesa bug bounty programthat invites third-party researchers to responsibly disclose issues before they are exploited by attackers.

The typical way that threat actors access Facebook now -- or other social truyền thông media accounts, including Instagram & Twitter -- is through spam & phishing.

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The Meta-owned company has to lớn tackle phishing, the propagation of malicious links, and dangerous apps on a daily basis, although you may have also experienced the problem of tài khoản cloning & impersonation, used by cybercriminals to lớn obtain access lớn friends in order to lớn scam them.

If your tài khoản has been compromised or you suspect a friend is being impersonated, you can report the problem to Facebook throughthis portal.


Screenshot via aryannations88.comOriginal coverage (June 16, 2016): It is possible to lớn compromise Facebook accounts using little more than a phone number, researchers have warned.

A security team from Positive Technologies claims that if you know the phone number of your intended victim, you can break into their linked Facebook account thanks to security flaws in the SS7 protocol.

As reported by Forbes, there is a segment of core telecommunications infrastructure that has been left vulnerable to exploit for the last half-decade.

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SS7 is a protocol developed in 1975 that is used worldwide to lớn define how networks in a public switched telephone network (PSTN) exchange information over a digital signaling network. However, a network based on SS7 will, by default, trust messages sent over it -- no matter where the message originated from.

The security flaw lies within the network và how SS7 handles these requests, rather than a bug on Facebook" platform. All cyberattackers need to vì is to follow the " account?" procedure through Facebook" homepage, & when asked for a phone number or thư điện tử address, offer the legitimate phone number.

Once Facebook has sent along an SMS message containing the one-time code used lớn access the account, the SS7 security flaw can then be exploited to divert this code to lớn the attacker" own mobile device, granting them access to the victim" account.

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The victim must have linked their phone number khổng lồ the target account, but as the security flaw is found within the telecommunications network & not online domains, this attack will also work against any web service which uses the same trương mục recovery procedure -- such as Gmail and Twitter.

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Two-step verification is becoming more and more crucial, but until vulnerabilities in telecom services are fixed, using email recovery methods may be the best way lớn go -- as well as the use of very strong, complex passwords for any main "" thư điện tử accounts you use to maintain other online services.