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My Talking Tom
Unlimited money
Android 5.0
Games, Simulation
Google Play
Outfit7 Limited
Games, Simulation
July 6, 2022 (4 months ago )

For a long time, the pet game My Talking Tom thủ thuật has been loved by many young people. This is an interactive trò chơi with the lovely mèo Tom. You và Tom will perform different activities such as feeding, going lớn the toilet, giving water, changing clothes,… It must be an interesting experience for users’ preferences.

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Game Overview

The trò chơi My Talking Tom Mod, up lớn the present time, is always in the đứng top 1 position in 135 countries. Currently, its attractiveness has not shown any sign of decreasing & is extremely loved by many young people. The chơi game is simple; your job is lớn raise a cat, but its addictiveness is extremely high. This is considered a classic game on mobile. This game is associated with the childhood of many young people and is also popular with adults.

Tom will be very happy to lớn be adopted by you. Then you will perform the tasks of a professional owner, such as feeding, taking care of, & playing with Tom. And gradually watching Tom grow up according lớn the levels in the game is an extremely interesting thing.

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Features of the trò chơi My Talking Tom Mod

Play with the cat Tom

In “My Talking Tom,” he offers you 10 mini games khổng lồ play with Tom. Besides basic care tasks, you can also participate in games such as: memory games, mouse smashing games, connecting games, và Tom Flying cat games to lớn earn lots of coins.

Shopping with Tom is cool

When I’m SpeakingTom also lets you siêu thị with Tom the cat. Buy things at the shops if you have a lot of coins. Besides, you can shop for necessary items for Tom’s room in these stores.

Repeat user’s voice

Tom cat knows how lớn repeat the human voice. More specifically, it can imitate a tuy nhiên of yours up to lớn 2 minutes long with a funny, witty voice. Other sounds in the trò chơi also bring fun lớn the user, such as Tom hitting the door, Tom’s stomach sound when hungry,…

Race with friends

The game will give you a queue table to compare the players’ levels with each other. The ranking will be announced after the user completes any game. You can play khổng lồ improve your score to rank up fast.


FAQs about My Talking Tom apk

Is the kiến thiết of the trò chơi appealing lớn users?

The trò chơi uses impressive 3 chiều graphics. Tom is cutely shaped. All the details and objects around the mèo are meticulously designed, up khổng lồ 90% lượt thích the real thing. You can touch và handle the situations that take place in My Talking Tom.

Besides, the cat Tom can also wink, smile shyly, lick his lips after eating, etc., which is an extremely special thing only in this game. The trò chơi has succeeded in building the image of the character Tom, humanizing the cat’s emotions lượt thích a human, creating intimacy for the player.

Is there any benefit khổng lồ watching ads while playing My Talking Tom?

When participating in the game, sometimes you will see ads. Don’t click quit, instead watch all the ads. This will help you get more bonus coins. Use these coins to buy more items for Tom.

Is there a cost to lớn buying in-game items?

The trò chơi My Talking Tom thủ thuật is completely miễn phí at However, the trò chơi also appears khổng lồ have the ability khổng lồ be purchased with real money. That’s why you can choose khổng lồ use real money khổng lồ buy items or use coins available in the game.

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Download the trò chơi My Talking Tom MOD apk for Android

The My Talking Tom Mod game will help you reduce the pressure & stress when participating in the game. Relaxing with Tom’s lovely voice and expressions will be an enjoyable experience for you. Download the game now at lớn enjoy moments of entertainment today.