Have you bought a second-hand iPhone 4S, & it is iCloud locked? Or, vì you own an táo bị cắn dở device yet have forgotten its iCloud credentials? Regardless of your issue, you can"t use the locked phone without iPhone 4 iCloud bypass. It is indeed a troublesome experience & can delay your work.

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You might attempt to contact Apple support, yet they won"t help you directly without user confirmation. You will get many questions, & they might request the first tiện ích ios device payment receipt, even after the confirmation of the device.

Therefore, we have compiled this iPhone 4S iCloud bypass guide lớn help users remove the activation lock. So, if you are facing these issues, stay with us till the over to find a solution.

Part 1: 4 Efficient Methods lớn Bypass iPhone 4/4S iCloud Activation Lock

1. Get apple ID và password from the original device owner

For an iPhone 4S iCloud bypass, you"ll require a couple of significant pieces of data:

Bypassing the Activation Lock on iPhone is as straightforward as signing into the device. It would help if you had the apple ID credentials of the previous owner.If a device doesn"t have the activation lock, you might see the passcode screen instead of the activation lock screen. Therefore, you should have the iPhone passcode in mind.


After getting the required details, the following are the steps to lớn perform iPhone 4 iCloud bypass:

Step 1: Go lớn the Settings application on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the táo khuyết ID photograph from the highest point of the screen. If the device has a newer version of iOS, then, at that point, you should tap the iCloud choice.

Step 3: Now tap the Sign Out button. You can sign in using your own táo bị cắn ID from that point onward.

Step 4: Next, look down & tap the Sign Out choice. When asked, you should enter the táo bị cắn ID password of the past owner to lớn disable the Find My iPhone choice.

On the other hand, if you see the lock screen passcode, you can type the passcode and set up the device without the táo bị cắn ID.

With the device completely phối up, access your device"s Settings và sign out of the old táo khuyết account. You can now make one more ID và Sign into it.

2. Use DNS Bypass

What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) changes over the readable names into numeric IP addresses. It utilizes the DNS vps as a host khổng lồ run the app. If your device is iCloud locked, one good way is khổng lồ change its activation path through the DNS strategy & send it from the first táo server to lớn the iCloud Bypass DNS hệ thống for validation.

You can change the IP server path from the WIFI settings, even if the activation screen is sprung up và you can"t utilize the device. You can enter the manual WIFI setting và change the DNS address. This section focuses on how you can perform iPhone 4 iCloud bypass via DNS bypass.

Steps khổng lồ Follow:

Note: Before performing the iCloud DNS bypass, ensure that your device has a SIM card embedded. This step is mandatory for this process khổng lồ work.

Step 1: Select your nation & language from the thực đơn on the screen.

Step 2: When you continue it, you will be coordinated to lớn the WIFI setting page, requesting that you connect with a WIFI connection. Tìm kiếm for the "I" icon close to lớn the WIFI network.

Note: If you don"t see the "I" icon close by, press the home Button> More WIFI Setting and search for it.

Step 3: You must disconnect the WIFI. When you find the "I" icon, go to the settings tab và select the "Forget this Network" option.

Step 4: Click "I" và enter a DNS server to bypass iCloud Activation Lock as per your area, against the DNS tab. Pick one from the given IP addresses according to your region:

USA: America: and Oceania: landmasses:

Step 5: After entering the IP address, tap the Back choice at the left of the screen. Now, turn on WIFI, select the WIFI network from the rundown and enter the code.

Step 6: You will see the next page choice; don"t click it và press Back. Now you are on the iCloud Bypass screen.


Step 7: Look down the page, go khổng lồ the menu & set up your applications, music, camera, & so forth.

3. Emergency Call

Utilizing the Emergency gọi strategy is another không tính phí iPhone 4 iCloud bypass method. It is among the clearest and speediest procedures lớn remove your iCloud account. The guidelines underneath will show you how lớn unlock your iCloud miễn phí by utilizing the Emergency gọi technique:

Turn on your iPhone 4/4S. Select your preferred language và current region.Now, on the iCloud activation screen, press the trang chủ button three times lớn begin on Voice Command và multiple times to close down.Again push on a home button, & this time select Emergency Calls.Now, you need to key in *#96274825*0000*1#. Then press the điện thoại tư vấn button multiple times.Then, you need khổng lồ modify the last digit from 1 to lớn 2 và repeatedly press the gọi button.Perform this strategy once more. When you adhere to every one of the guidelines, press the back button, và turn around to lớn the starting screen.Now just like you did before, select your language and country. After picking it, you will see the bypass screen.

4. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

How would I remove the past owner"s Mac ID from an iPhone? Removing the past user"s apple ID from your iDevice could be difficult if you don"t know the apple ID credentials. Yet, it is possible due to expert táo apple ID bypass software.

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If you"re searching for the fastest method for eliminating the activation lock on your iPhone 4, look no further from Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock. This expert program is extremely convenient when you can"t mở cửa your tiện ích ios device without a password, or you"re experiencing an activation issue. Dr.Fone is fit for rapidly unlocking/bypassing táo bị cắn dở ID from any iDevice. After the iPhone 4S iCloud bypass, you can use your iPhone with no issues.