NamePlants vs. Plants Zombies APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Suns/God mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Recharge nowInfinite sunsImmortalOnehitRapid FireAll Zombies outChomper angryUnlocked all (Coins, Fertilizer, Choco, Spray)

Plants vs. Plants Zombies miễn phí is a battle between gentle plants và evil monsters. They are trying lớn enter the house through the front garden. Players need lớn plant trees to lớn fight khổng lồ destroy all approaching zombies. Compared khổng lồ PvZ 2, Plants vs Zombies is simpler, compatible with both weak machine configurations because the trò chơi is lightweight. Each tree has its own attack ability, you should arrange to lớn have the most powerful defensive formation. After each battle zombies always find new ways to lớn achieve their intentions. Tải về Plants vs Zombies MOD và always in a ready position khổng lồ fight that makes the quái nhân fall.

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The characteristics of the plants are gentle, you can easily see some familiar plants such as sunflowers, bean plants, cherry bombs, … But because the house is facing many fierce monsters. They will not let go of evil intentions, eating everything on the road. Please stop those disgusting things to not allow zombies to enter the door of the house. Hold in hand the fighting weapons originating from nature. Reinforce your army & stand in front of the house to size a solid defence. Show the monsters that they can’t get past this impregnable fortress.


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There are 26 types of monsters, their nature is zombies with the appearance of half-human và half-demon. In front of the house is the main path they choose khổng lồ break into the house. Initially, they only came in during the day, but after many failed attempts the boss changed their plans. They strike at night or when bad weather is foggy. Many new types of monsters appear, but you still face difficulties with observing. Clouds block your view, so sometimes they get closer lớn the door before you discover it. Therefore, you should prepare backup weapons capable of attacking quickly.

Zombies are everywhere

Not only in the garden but also the monsters choose many other locations such as swimming pools, terraces … Each place has different terrains, arrange the line of battle trees to suit the area of ​​each location. There are many new monsters, they even fly, so they are difficult khổng lồ control. Facing 26 types of monsters you always need a full weapon system. Collect the most powerful plants to help you overcome all the tricks of the zombies.


Types of plants

Plants in the trò chơi Plants vs Zombies are not to nurture và water. Just like a brave warrior is always ready to lớn fight, you can use each tree in the position you want. Use them effectively, limiting meaningless sacrifices lớn occur. They are all worthy of respect for their courage, not ordinary plants.

Learn more about monsters và trees

If you want khổng lồ know more about monsters, trees open up Almanac lớn find out. When you know the whole tree, the trùm cuối will strategize more accurately. 49 powerful plants, each of which is at its best when it functions properly. Take a few minutes to learn & the war with zombies in Plants vs Zombies will become much simpler for you.

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Plants vs Zombies has a system of minigames và trophies for you to lớn collect khổng lồ complete your achievements. This is really a long battle, players need to stay awake day và night. They always try to attack when you are not paying attention. Tải về Plants vs Zombies gian lận to use the plants in the right place for each warrior to maximize their effects.

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