GTA 1 - Grand Theft auto is the first installment of the series that has become one of the most famous action đoạn phim games for PCs and đoạn clip consoles


If somebody told the developers of the first GTA back in 1997 that the game that they had just released was going to lớn become part of one of the most successful action-packed video game sagas in history, they would never have believed it. But it has turned out to lớn be a hit, và this first kích hoạt and adventure sandbox trò chơi published for MS-DOS, Windows, PlayStation, and Game Boy màu sắc soon became a global groundbreaker.

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Controversial ever since the beginning

This trò chơi combines action, adventure, driving, và hints of role-playing titles, và has been controversial ever since its conception due to lớn its high doses of violence & adult content.

You"ll have khổng lồ start off by choosing one of the eight characters và the aim of the trò chơi is lớn increase your score by stealing cars to resell them, running down and killing pedestrians, và completing missions for different gangsters. This score will lead us to overcome the three levels that take place in each one of the cities that are hereby represented: Liberty City, Vice City, & San Andreas. These environments will get developed further in subsequent installments of the saga.

Non-stop violence ever since the very first moment in GTA.

How lớn earn points in Grand Theft Auto?

As we mentioned, these points are necessary khổng lồ be able to lớn complete the levels of GTA 1 - Grand Theft Auto. We"ll need millions of them so it"s really important lớn complete the missions that we"re entrusted with via public phone boxes, on-site or granted when we get into certain kinds of vehicles. In any case, we can also earn extra points by carrying out the following actions, although it might take us quite a lot of time:

Crashing into other vehicles.Killing cops.Stealing cars lớn later sell them.

Nevertheless, we also have to bear in mind that the more crimes we commit, the more chances we have of getting caught by the police. To lớn fend off the officers we can resort khổng lồ all kinds of weapons: guns, machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers...

Regarding the graphics, we have khổng lồ point out that it"s a trò chơi that was released over 20 years ago, so we can"t expect an image unique comparable lớn modern games. In turn, neither has it been developed in the 3 chiều format that we saw later on, this title is a 2 chiều game with a top-down view.

The beginning of a great saga

The success of this first trò chơi lead to the development of new versions that were published on PC and PlayStation first, but that have later landed on the newest versions of Sony"s đoạn phim console, such as the PS2, PS3, và PS4, or Microsoft"s Xbox, và even smartphone platforms of the likes of Android & iOS.

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Grand Theft auto 2 was still launched in 2d but GTA 3 took the leap khổng lồ 3D, và was later followed by other titles of the likes of Vice City, San Andreas or Liberty thành phố Stories. Later on, Grand Theft auto IV came along with HD which has also been present in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Furthermore, other titles of the likes of Chinatown Wars or The Ballad of Gay Tony have been released as spin-offs.

Requirements and additional information:

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