Pro"https://aryannations88.com/gopro-hero-3/imager_1_29496_700.jpgs latest generation of sports cameras is its best yet, offering tremendous flexibility, proven durability, và some of the highest available resolutions và frame rates in the business.

Antuan Goodwin gained his automotive knowledge the old fashioned way, by turning wrenches in a driveway & picking up speeding tickets. From drivetrain tech and electrification to oto audio installs and cabin tech, if it"https://aryannations88.com/gopro-hero-3/imager_1_29496_700.jpgs on wheels, Antuan is knowledgeable.

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Expertise Reviewing cars và car technology since 2008 focusing on electrification, driver assistance và infotainment Credentials North American Car, Truck và SUV of the Year (NACTOY) Awards Juror
Editors"https://aryannations88.com/gopro-hero-3/imager_1_29496_700.jpg note: The Go
Pro Hero3 sản phẩm line, released in 2012, was replaced by the Go
Pro Hero3+ line as of October 2013. See our review of the $399 Hero3+ black Edition và the $299 Hero3+ Silver Edition. The $199 Hero3+ trắng Edition is also available.

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