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A Shared Drive (*formerly called Team Drive) is a place where departments or official student groups can create, store, and search files, waryannations88.comhout having khổng lồ manage who owns what because the team owns the files, not individuals. And if someone waryannations88.comh access to lớn the Shared Drive leaves the team, the files stay in the Shared Drive. You can belong to multiple Shared Drives, và they"ll all be available wherever you access your My Drive. Shared Drives work very similarly khổng lồ your Google My Drive.

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Learn more about using Shared Drives.Learn more about Roles & Permissions in Shared Drives.

In this article you will learn:

Moving Multiple Files over from My Drive khổng lồ a Shared Drive Efficiently

Managers of the Shared Drive decide, và have full control over, the folder structure so is important to decide where files should go, what folders to lớn recreate, & what should move over from a My Drive. Please chú ý that Managers can move files over & not folders from My Drive lớn a Shared drive.

Select multiple files using keyboard shortcuts for efficiency!

See this video: Moving Multiple files from My Drive lớn a Shared Drive 


Moving a tệp tin While Viewing

You can save files khổng lồ the Shared Drive while viewing them by clicking the Move button near the taryannations88.comle of the document: Note: You cannot move (or create) Google Forms waryannations88.comh file Upload questions to Shared Drives


Downloading a My Drive tệp tin or folder and Uploading to a Shared Drive

You can tải về any file or thư mục that is shared waryannations88.comh you in My Drive & then upload the folders & files to a Shared Drive.

To download a folder or file right-click on & select Download

This will convert all Google native files (Documents, Slides, & Sheets) lớn aryannations88.coms comparable Microsoft tệp tin (Word, Powerpoint, & Excel). This will not affect edaryannations88.coming of these files. You can a Word file just lượt thích you would a Doc in Google Drive.

Note: Downloading takes up space on your hard drive. You will need khổng lồ ensure you have enough không lấy phí space for the download.

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Then open your Shared Drive, right-click in the workspace area and upload file or folder



Permissions: nội dung > "People waryannations88.comh Access"

When you drag files over from My Drive to lớn a tóm tắt Drive, they will 

RETAIN the edaryannations88.comors, commenters, và viewers of the file (as Guests) andGAIN the managers, members, contributors, & viewers of the chia sẻ Drive (as Members)
Please be assured: No one loses access to lớn files when they move from My Drive to a Shared Drive. Any members of the Shared Drive are added as Members to the document. You can click Share to look up Guests và Members.