Access music offline or streaming online

Google Play Music is a combination of a device-based music player & streaming music utility.

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Smart recommendations

Functioning both on smartphones & tablets, Google Play Music provides users a way khổng lồ access large amounts of music through a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Google Play Music sorts music files through different options like: recent, artists, albums, songs, playlists, và genres. It also has options for adding songs khổng lồ playlists or searching for more information about the artist online. You can create a radio based on a song, artist or album that you lượt thích and Google Play Music will then recommend you songs based on your likes.

The app includes Listen Now, which shows recently played music and improved recommendations, as well as allowing you lớn pick a radio station according khổng lồ mood or activity (examples being running, happy or going out). The queue can also understand where you are playing the music from - whether that be a playlist, an album or something else.

You can also purchase the music from Google Play & then cốt truyện this with friends.

Impressive streaming quality

Essentially, users vì chưng not have khổng lồ have any music on their device in order to play music, và they can stream music to lớn their device over a data connection by using cloud storage. Music uploaded can then be downloaded lớn the device for offline listening.

The quality of the streaming music can be changed within the options as well as streaming via Wi-Fi only. The streaming quality of Google Play Music is impressive. There were no issues playing high quality 320 kbps songs.

All your music in one place

Google Play Music is the perfect combination of offline music player and personal online streaming service.

Two access models

There are two ways that you can access Google Play Music. First there is the standard model, which is không lấy phí and allows you khổng lồ store up to 20,000 songs or buy more through Google Play, access music anywhere & use the app without adverts.

Then there is the All Access model, which is similar to other music streaming services such as Spotify. For a monthly fee, you can access all the above plus listen khổng lồ unlimited music, create your own radio stations & get personalized recommendations.

Access free, ad-supported radio stations based on songs, artists, or albums, or browse by genre, mood, activity, decade, và more.





The Google Play Music apps come preinstalled as the default Music player on game android devices. This tiện ích helps you run your onboard MP3 truyền thông media and songs. You can have access lớn millions of songs in Google’s library. Or just stick khổng lồ the up lớn 50,000 songs that you can upload and listen lớn just about anywhere for free. This tiện ích is your media player & streaming service with the ability khổng lồ run podcasts in the background.

Google Play Music gives you a grid of your music using album cover art. You can browse by genres, artists, albums, or songs, or use a tìm kiếm button in the upper right if you know what you want to lớn listen to. By hitting the main thực đơn button in the upper left, you can get to Google’s Listen Now option. Here you can access your personal music library, playlists you have already made, và some other options.

Listen to the Google Play Music

As we mentioned above that this tiện ích comes preinstalled on all the latest android devices. But you can still download the ứng dụng easily by clicking on the download button above. The Google Play Music ứng dụng on its own works great as a standard Music player. But you will still need a standard tài khoản with Google (such as Gmail) lớn get started.

For $9.95 per month, you’ll then have access khổng lồ Google’s library of more than trăng tròn million songs, which lets you tìm kiếm by song, album, or artist to lớn find the music you like for listening directly or making playlists. Or You can upload up lớn 50,000 songs of your current music library to lớn Google’s cloud servers. By uploading your collection you don’t have to worry about storage space on your mobile & access your music collection easily.

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Learn more about this app, its latest updates và setting by visiting support. Music. Let us know if you liked the phầm mềm by rating và commenting below with your opinion after download and using the app.