Here’s how to tải về offline Google Maps for when an mạng internet connection isn"t available

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If you’re the adventurous type it’s very useful knowing how to tải về offline Google Maps. Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to vị so, we’re here khổng lồ help guide you through the process.

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Google Maps is an extremely useful navigation tool when exploring unfamiliar cities or trying khổng lồ reach a specific destination. However, you might find yourself in need of directions but with poor or absent signal, that’s where offline maps can really come in handy.

Offline maps going lớn be especially useful if you plan on doing any travelling over the holidays, in case you kết thúc up with spotty cell signal.

You will, of course, need to lớn pre-download maps for offline use. If you know you’re going lớn be venturing into uncharted territory then make sure lớn take the time to download a maps of the area beforehand, just in case you need some help getting your bearings.

How to download offline google maps

In order to tải về offline maps you will need the Google Maps app on your game ios or game android device. Once you’ve got the app installed, here’s how you download offline google maps: 1. In the Google Maps app, search for the location maps you want lớn download. You’ll need to tìm kiếm for a larger area or city rather than a specific location.

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2. If you tap the name of the location on the bottom of the screen, it will expand khổng lồ take up the full screen và give you additional information.

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3. In the vị trí cao nhất right corner, there is a button comprised of three dots, press them lớn bring up additional options.

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5. Choose what area lớn download. Google Maps will now show you the exact area of maps that will be downloaded. You can expand or decrease the area of maps being downloaded by zooming in or out. The app will tell you much more storage space is required.

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6. The last step is pressing the tải về button. Your download will begin now, with a progress bar appearing on screen. In order to access your downloaded maps, just use the app as normal. When offline any downloaded maps will appear.

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And that"s it. But we have other useful guides for Google Maps, such as how lớn measure distance with Google Maps, how khổng lồ drop a sạc pin in Google Maps, how to cốt truyện location in Google Maps and how khổng lồ turn on Google Maps dark mode. Check them out if you want more out of Google"s service and app.

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