If game ios users have a feature that will help them locate & lock their lost devices, game android users also have similar app. It’s called the Google Device Manager.

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Learn how lớn Google device manager in this brand new post.

Part 1. What Is Google Device Manager?Part 2. How lớn Install Google Device ManagerPart 3. How to lớn Use Google Device ManagerPart 4. Summary

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Part 1. What Is Google Device Manager?

No one wants lớn have their phone lost or stolen but there are unwanted situations that you cannot get away with. As they always say, being prepared saves you from a lot of heartaches. If you are wondering how and what to vị with your Android smartphone in case it gets lost, find out how Google device manager can help.

Google Device Manager(also known as game android device manager) is a tool that helps you locate your device, lock it, and even wipe out important information when necessary. With it, you can easily protect the private information on your app android device by having your Android and your Google tài khoản connected.

I hope you may not need it, but in case, it’s better to lớn have it ready and all set.

Part 2. How to Install Google Device Manager

Getting the android device manager working on your smartphone does not need any sophistication. All it takes is just your Google account, a quick install, & setup.

Open the PlayStoreTap the tìm kiếm bar và type in Android Device ManagerFollow onscreen prompts khổng lồ installWait until successfully installed on your phone

Right after installing this app, go khổng lồ your Settings, and make sure khổng lồ allow this phầm mềm to run as a device administrator to lớn give it full access to lock & wipe data.


Part 3. How to lớn Use Google Device Manager

Your Google account plays an important role in installing và using android device manager. You can use any Google account you have added on your phone, and it will simply ask you which tài khoản you would lượt thích to use to locate, lock & wipe out device.

In order khổng lồ begin using the device manager, take cảnh báo of the following:

Your Android phone must be onIt must be connected khổng lồ Wi-Fi or điện thoại dataThe location should also be turned onThe Find My Device phầm mềm should be on. Go lớn Settings, find and tap Security & Location. Tap Find My Device & make sure it is on.It must be signed in with your Google account

Once you are all set, log in to apk device manager and kiểm tra the current location of your device. Check out these steps for more details:

Note: If you have registered more devices, click on the specific phone name or make/model that was lost or stolen. The same thing with your Google account. If you have multiple Google account, choose the profile you have used upon setup.

Automatically the lost or stolen device will get a notification.You can track the device location on the bản đồ shown on your screen. The location is only an approximate và may not be accurate. The ứng dụng will use all its parameters khổng lồ help locate your phone. It is best if the GPS, Wi-Fi, và mobile data are on. It will also show you the battery level, & if the device is online.Choose your next kích hoạt wisely. If necessary you must click ‘Enable Lock and Erase’. You have the following options:Play a sound - This will let the device ring at its full volume for 5 minutes even when it was set lớn silent or vibrate modeLock - Automatically locks your phone using your PIN, pattern, or password. You can also send a message or instructions khổng lồ the finder by putting a message or phone number on the lock screen.Erase - This feature will wipe out all data from the lost device including your apps, photos and videos, music và other customized settings (except for the SD thẻ info) và you might not be able lớn recover them. After wiping out the data from the device, you will no longer access it from the app.


How to send a message on the lock screen

If you have chosen to lock the lost device so no one can access it, you may optionally put a message on the lock screen to lớn help the person who found it return khổng lồ you.

On your game android phone, go to lớn SettingsFind & tap Security & locationTap Settings from "Screen lock"Tap to xuất hiện the Lock screen messageType in your message và Save

You may also add optional emergency information from your lock screen, here are the steps:

Launch Settings và go to lớn About PhoneTap Emergency Information. If you don’t find it there go to lớn Users và Accounts instead & tap Emergency informationYou can địa chỉ emergency contact and medical information. For medical details, tap Edit Information and enter the details. For adding contacts, tap Add Contact.To view these messages và details, Swipe Up from the lock screen. Tap Emergency and tap Emergency Information. Tap again when the Emergency Info flashes.

Part 4. Summary

Losing your phone is such a big frustration especially when you don’t have any way to locate it. Luckily, the apk device manager has found a way lớn help us all locate và secure our devices. I vị hope this won’t happen to all of us, but if ever you get caught up in this situation, you know the drill.

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Google device manager is just a simple tiện ích with a tremendous feature, especially in emergency situations. The only thing you need khổng lồ think about is the option on what to bởi with the device. You can ring, lock, & erase it. Be careful with your choices especially when you know you will đại bại a lot.

I hope this article has helped you in many ways about setting up the Google Device Manager, its features, and how to use it. Don’t forget to nói qua it with your friends whom you think might need it too!