Often, we find ourselves without a good mạng internet connection, & our Chrome refuses lớn load a particular website. You can play some of these offline games that you can just easily install as an extension to lớn pass the time. There are many cool games available in the Google website store for you khổng lồ choose và install any one you like.

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If you often find yourself without an internet connection, you can pass your time with some cool, enjoyable & some of the best offline Google chrome games. You can easily download these games from Google website Store và install them as an extension. These are the perfect không tính tiền offline games khổng lồ enjoy when you take a quick break. Here are some of the Best offline Google chrome games without any further ado.

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1. Tank Riders – Best offline Google chrome games

Tank Rider is a 3D kích hoạt game where you can prepare for a battle. Similar khổng lồ any other battle game, you have to lớn take incoming enemies out before they kill you. The trò chơi has three modes which are chiến dịch multiplayer & invasion. You can play through basic levels for victory.

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While players can play this offline Google chrome game by using Arrow keys to lớn move their tank, they can also use W, A, S, D letters. You can use J và l khổng lồ AIM at any means và fire at them with the space key. If you have a joystick at home, you can even use that to play this game.

You can download the game from here.

2. The Best offline Google chrome games- Basket và ball

Basket và ball is a không tính tiền arcade game that you play on a basketball court. You have to lớn dribble by using space và pass through obstacles scattered through the court. You can play the trò chơi using left & right arrow keys, use ‘Space’ khổng lồ dribble the ball, & use ‘Enter’ to lớn get time stopping bonus. 

The trò chơi has also included levitating police robots that you have to run away from. You are awarded stars if you can complete all the challenges. If you give the ball some extra bounces, then you are granted a free bonus, so the better heights you reach, the more you’ll earn. 

However, if you are running the game on a touchscreen device, you can enable the touch control option from the menu. For bigger screens, you can select the “Smaller Controls” option.

You can download the game from here.

3. The Best offline Google chrome games -Funky Karts

Funny karts is a game where you have khổng lồ be ready lớn dodge dangerous objects, hover around sharp obstacles và collect valuable coins in Funky karts. The trò chơi has 48 challenging levels, and there you have to race và rescue your friends in a wacky and bouncy adventure. You can finish each level and unlock additional worlds to explore the trò chơi further.

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You can play the game through arrow keys & bounce your cart. The game takes a bit of time khổng lồ learn controls, but you’ll enjoy the adventure once you do.

You can download the game from here.

4. Cube Slam

Cube slam is a video-based trò chơi that you can play with your friends. It is the Best offline Google chrome games that use the built-in WebRTC mở cửa web technology that enables you lớn do video chat directly from your mạng internet browser. You can still play the trò chơi if you are offline, but you won’t be able to lớn use the video call feature. 

The game is very simple; to lớn emerge as a winner, you have to bounce the ball at your friend’s screen three times until it explodes. Cube Salm’s graphics are rendered in CSS 3D, and the custom soundtrack is delivered through website audio. The game, for now, is only available for chrome browser & chrome OS but will soon enable the tư vấn for mobile later this year.

You can tải về the game from here.

5. Mancala

If you enjoy classic board games, then Mancala is for you. These Best offline Google chrome games can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. If you are a beginner, the game also has a brief tutorial that you can follow and get started. 

You can play with your friends in multiplayer mode, but if you want to play single-player, you can choose to play against a bot with different difficulty levels. When the game begins, you have to lớn select the holes, & stones will appropriately pop into them. 

You can tải về these Best offline Google chrome games from here.

6. Solitaire 

Solitaire is one of the Best offline Google chrome games và one of the most popular retro games that we all remember playing on our Windows systems. & now you can even play Solitaire on Google Chrome. This Chrome version offers you nine different types of game play that you can choose from. 

You can click và drag on the card & move it to the location you want, or you can just click once, và it will automatically move to the most prominent position. The game also features hints và undo if you make a wrong move by mistake. You can challenge yourself by gaining the highest score in the least amount of time.

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You can tải về the game from here.

7. Link All

Link All is a game for users who likes lớn solve puzzles. The game is very easy lớn learn but takes quite a bit of time lớn master. How the game works is you have to create a path that goes through each node before reaching the goals. The redlines present restrict your movement, & you cannot cross over them.

To make your move, you just have to select the node, & your path will begin. You can easily restart the level và move through eight stages with 20 levels each. Remember the Best offline Google chrome games requires you khổng lồ plan and makes you think. 

You can tải về the game from here.

8. Cut the Rope

This không tính phí offline Google Chrome trò chơi has been around for years. It is a very straightforward yet impressive brain teaser of a game. You are in charge of ensuring that the xinh đẹp little quái thú in the trò chơi called Om Nom gets his tasty candies. However, to vày so, you have to lớn cut the rope in a proper order to get the candy to lớn him.

There are also environmental elements like Bubbles that you can use to lớn your advantage. Vì lookout for those spike-like objects. Hitting one of these will be a quick trò chơi Over for you! All-in-all, one of the most addictive offline Google Chrome games for you to play right now.

The bottom line

To địa chỉ additional features to lớn your Browser or Chromebooks, the Chrome web Store continues khổng lồ be a valuable source of information and resources. Despite any of the complaints we may have about Chrome, even the impending ones, it remains an excellent browser.

Google Chrome has a stellar reputation in the world of online browsers, but the company’s incredible library of offline Google chrome games receives little attention from the media. We hope you have found our menu to help stop your boredom during this Lockdown time.

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